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senior citizen life tips

Downsizing Your Home: Tips for Seniors

One thing the aging process brings to light is the sheer amount of items we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. As we get older, we recognize the need to downsize and move out. But it can be an emotionally taxing…

packing for vacation

Planning a Successful Summer Vacation

Summertime is finally here! The long anticipated wait is finally over, and summer activities are in full swing. Kids are out of school, families are enjoying vacations, and the heat of the summer is providing a much-appreciated break from…

credit card

Building Credit As a Young Adult

When you first move out of the house and head off to college it feels like you are finally an adult. You’re out of your parents home and making all of your own decision. But then you graduate from…

person typing on computer

How to Support Your Entrepreneur Friends

It can be overwhelming to have an entrepreneur friend. You want to help them, but sometimes helping them means putting yourself on the line. Here are a few tips for giving your friend a boost with their business. Try…