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woman sitting with markings on her back

Tell Tale Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abuse can come in more than one form. Physical and emotional abuse both contribute to domestic violence. Psychological abuse is also called mental or emotional abuse. This abuse occurs when someone tries to control and manipulate a person’s sense…

young couple hugging eachother

How Relationships Can Benefit From Therapy

Have you ever questioned if you and your partner would benefit from therapy? Being in a relationship entails lots of life changes. For younger couples, these changes can sometimes bring about unexpected realities that they might not be accustomed…

gift giving during christmas

7 Gifts for People with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, unfortunately, is present in the lives of many of those we love. Oftentimes we forget how much more difficult even the daily tasks in life are for them. This Christmas, show the people in your life with…

person recovering on couch

How You Can Stay Motivated During Your Recovery Process

Addiction recovery is probably the most challenging thing anyone will endure. The process will test you more than anything you could imagine. Losing motivation is easy. It’s not like a diet where it’s easy to stick with it in…

credit card debt

How You Can Stop the Debt Cycle Today

Debt can be a necessary evil that accompanies most of us throughout our lives, but it can be all too easy to get in over our heads with it as the years pass. We can enter into what’s known…