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parents aging on the beach

Planning Ahead to Age in Place

Around 75% of older adults want to age in place, remaining in their local communities as long as possible. However, many of them don’t see how that will be possible. A Harvard Joint Center for Housing report reveals a shortage…

person walking across a street

Here’s Why Walking Is Beneficial For All Ages

We’re a generation that seems happy to expend the least amount of energy possible, especially when it comes to easy things. How often do we circle the parking lot until someone vacates a parking space right up front? How…

lake with cold weather and sunshine

Your First Brush with Cold Weather

Nothing gets a person backpedaling faster than moving to a place where the weather isn’t what they’re used to. Especially in the case of those going from extreme heat to cold and vice versa. The horror of what they’ve…

friends hanging out

How to Endure Your Long Distance Friendship

Friends come and go throughout the years. We all have friends who are meant to take us through a specific time in our life. But most of us have that one friend who we always come back to. No…

hobby of knitting with yarn

7 Useful Hobbies To Take Up

Everyone has a hobby, whether that’s doing yoga on mountain tops or passing judgment on the outfits of your morning crowd at the coffee shop. But chances are your hobbies are just there to give you a sense of…