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smart home

The Dawn Of The Smart Home Is Here!

When you’re out of the house, particularly when you’ve just left to go on holiday somewhere, it’s not uncommon to have all kinds of niggling worries. Did you turn all the TV off? The coffee maker? The gas? Did…


Looking Out For Your Elderly Relatives – Do and Dont’s

As our relatives get older, caring for them can become a difficult balancing act. You want to ensure that they both have independence and that they are well looked after. Too much interference from younger relatives can seem overbearing.…

emotional health

How To Encourage Greater Emotional Health This Summer

As humans, we often fall into the trap of concentrating on physical health to the detriment of our emotions. However, mental health isn’t something to be taken lightly.   The number of recorded mental health issues like depression has…

home repair

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Home Maintenance

I think some of the worst advice I’ve ever received about home maintenance is to ‘do it yourself.’ Of course, there are a few things that you can do without professional help. But plumbing, roofing, and electricity can be…