Common Garden Dangers And How You Can Prevent Them

For many families, their garden is a space in which they can relax, play and enjoy the great weather. But did you know that there are a lot more hazards and dangers in gardens than what most families realize? If you aren’t aware of all these dangers, then you could be putting your family and pets’ health in danger. So what exactly are some of the most common dangers and hazards in the garden? Here are some that you can actively prevent.

Poisonous Plants

Do you know exactly what is growing in your garden? You should have a good idea of each different type of plant and flower that is out there. And you also need to know whether or not any of them are poisonous! If they are, you should immediately remove them or fence them off so that your children can’t reach them. There are some plants that are only poisonous to pets. If you have pets, it is important that you make sure you don’t have any of these growing in your garden.

Trim Trees

It is important that you regularly trim any trees that are growing in your garden. Especially if they are growing very close to your property. If the branches get too long, they may end up growing too close to your windows and damaging them. Branches could also snap off during a storm and fall through your windows. You also need to make sure your trees aren’t growing directly under electrical cables and wires. If you do need to get your trees trimmed, you can hire a specialist firm to take care of it, such as Integrity Tree Service.

Wear Masks When Gardening

When you are gardening and working with a variety of plants, you can never be too sure of what kinds of spores you may end up breathing in. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you always wear a mask. This ensures that the air you breathe is clean and has been filtered through the mask. You should also wear a mask whenever you are doing any garden DIY that involves sawing and sandpapering.

Ponds And Water

You need to be careful if you have a pond in your garden and you have small children. It is important to keep it covered with a net to ensure that they don’t fall in. You need to also watch out for areas in your garden where water can collect and become stagnant. That’s because stagnant water can be a source of many dangerous diseases, including Legionnaires Disease.

Organic Gardening

If you grow fruit and vegetables in your garden, it is a good idea to grow these organically. That means not using any pesticides or other chemicals on them. We still don’t fully know the effects that pesticides and chemicals have on our health. So it is best to stay safe and not use them at all. Remember to always use homemade compost to reduce the chance of adding any chemicals to your veg patch by mistake!

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