A Delta Dental Dentist Mesa, AZ Locals Trust Discusses Important Considerations When Having Wisdom Teeth Removed


They say that wisdom teeth removal can take just 45 minutes, but that’s not the case for all patients. There are cases wherein the procedure takes several hours due to the complexity of the patients’ wisdom teeth growth and/or oral issues. There aren’t too many risks with the procedure, especially if you have had a thorough consultation with your dentist about it.

A Delta Dental Dentist Mesa, AZ locals trust shares the most important considerations to keep in mind about having wisdom teeth removed in a list below; be sure to talk them over with your dentist prior to undergoing wisdom teeth removal,so that you can trust that the procedure will go smoothly and you’ll get the results you want.Delta Dental Dentist

  1. Talk about your health issues. Your overall health condition will play a big role in the complete success of the procedure. You will get to avoid unnecessary complications and trust that your dentist will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your safety throughout the wisdom teeth removal.
  2. List the medications you take on a daily basis. According to a MetLife dentist Mesa, AZ residents often consult, this is a must because certain drugs have side effects that need to be considered. It’s imperative to learn what these side effects are to determine if medication has to be stopped temporarily to accommodate the procedure, additional prescription drugs would need to be taken, or some other adjustment would have to be made just so you’d be in the best state of health for the procedure.
  3. Discuss what type of anesthesia you prefer to be used on you. Your choice of anesthesia will contribute greatly to the overall experience. You can choose to be asleep throughout the whole removal, which is quite appropriate if you tend to suffer from anxiety, or you can just choose to be numb, which may be the better option if you’re the type of person who likes to be aware of everything that’s happening.
  4. Inquire about the recovery process and what you need to do after the completion of the wisdom teeth removal. There are several things you may need to avoid doing, as well as things you actually need to do to ensure a speedy recovery.
  5. Inquire as well about dental PPO. Mesa, AZ patients with a dental Preferred Provider Organization plan have the opportunity to save on treatment costs, so if your dentist is in the insurance company’s network, you may actually get a pre-negotiated discount.
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