Five Perfect Dinner And Wine Pairings

Try to imagine this situation: You are in a fancy restaurant with a beautiful girl on a date. She looks absolutely stunning and elegant, and so far there are sparks between you two. You are trying to be the perfect gentlemen, open the door, pull the chair, and treat her like a real lady. The waiter approaches you, and you are expected to choose a bottle of good wine that will go perfectly with what you have ordered for dinner. It’s only then that you realize you don’t have a clue about wine, or rather which one would go great with the food you’ve ordered.

Whether you are in a restaurant or preparing the dinner at home,it’s good to know a thing or two about wine and food combinations if you don’t want to look like an amateur on a date with a pretty girl. Check out these five classic combinations you cannot go wrong with when trying to impress a lovely girl.

1. Light Meal
The first rule is that if the food is light, so should be the wine. So if you decide to have white meat for dinner, or fish with mild cheese and fruit on the side, the best option would be to go with Sauvignon Blanc. If the lady you are with allows you to order a dish of your choice, filet of Sole is something you can never go wrong with.

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2. Italian Restaurant
If you choose to go to an Italian restaurant you know you can expect pretty heavy meals on their menus. And with such dishes, go with heavier wines like Cabernet, Merlot, or Chardonnay. Pasta pesto is one of the most delicious Italian meals, proved by the fact that it is what most people order when in a restaurant. The newest hit around the world originated not so recently in America – pizza with numerous and most unusual ingredients. No matter which ingredients you choose, if there are more than three, you are bound to feel weight in your stomach afterwards, sogo with Zinfandel wine to spice it up in the end.

3. Going Green
Salads! Perfect for a light dinner and also very healthy. If you’re thinking about preparing a salad, or a simple dish with a lot of healthy herbs, you should check out this nice guide. A general rule of thumb is to try and match the acidity of salad with the acidity of wine.

4. Seafood
Even though not that many people can appreciate seafood, combined with sweet white wine, it can be a game-changer. From white fish, salmon, and shrimp, to caviar, oysters and sushi, pairing it with wine is not so difficult. In fact, if you have a wine that you prefer for every occasion, serve it, not thinking about whether it is white or red, light or heavy. Seafood will simply glide if you combine it with any good wine of your choice.

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5. Spice it up
Finally, if you and your better half enjoy something more exotic and decide to try spicy dishes, choosing the right wine can be quite a challenge. To balance the heat in your mouth, you will need fruity and aromatic white wine, Riesling or Albariño. If you are celebrating something, you can always go with champagne to accompany all the spicy ingredients.

Wine can sometimes be tricky when searching for the perfect combination, but you know how they say – “Who dares, wins.” These are just some of the basic guidelines on combining food with wine, but you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and try your own combination.

Don’t be afraid of making a‘terrible’mistake.Instead, invite your friends to your place, cook various meals, taste several wines and vote on the best combination. Not only will you have a lot of fun with your friends, they will also give you a few final tips and help you get rid of the nervousness before the important day.

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