DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer

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It’s time to start thinking about how to update your home decor with something fun and summery! Here are some projects you’ll love enough to keep all year round.


Dress up your tables with some new placemats. Why not make something cute and durable for the patio and your family picnics? Have some fun with patterns and stitching and try using some old jeans.

Cozy Coasters

Why use ceramic tiles like everyone else does for coasters? Pull out your knitting needles or crochet hook instead. Avoid acrylic yarns, but try out anything from cotton to wool to bring softness to any of your hard surfaces.

Slatted Sign

Ready for something totally adorable? A slatted sign on your child’s door or leaned strategically against a wall will fill your home with a friendly and fun atmosphere. Have fun with paint colors and designs. Letter a favorite quote or Mod Podge an image onto the surface to enjoy for years to come.

Vinyl Letters

Never underestimate the pop of some vinyl lettering. Cut out a mesmerizing design to stick on a framed piece of glass or put your family name beside the clock in your favorite room. You have endless possibilities in creativity with this one.

Pillow or Pillow Cover

Need something simple that doesn’t completely alter the space you’ve perfectly decorated? Pick a cute fabric and sew up an easy pillow cover to remove or replace once the season is over. If you get attached, you can always grab some foam or styrofoam beads for stuffing and sew up the opening.


For something airy and whimsical, you can’t go wrong with a dreamcatcher. Take this from simple to extravagant with beading and feathers, and play around with the thrilling textures of ribbon, leather, and strips of fabric.


It’s time to give a new centerpiece some attention. If you’re over mason jars and lantern boxes, pull out your carving knife. Whether it’s detailed or minimalist, big or small, a beautiful wood piece will always look great. Carve a favorite animal or uniquely shaped bowl you can fill with your favorite flowers or firebeads.


You might be done with lanterns on the table, but what about something to line the front walkway with?  Get ahold of some cute 6” buckets that you can cut fun shapes out of, then install a battery-powered light and fill the bottom with sand. If you’re great with electrical, you could string them in a bundle to hang on the back porch, then connect them to a switch for easy off and on.

Deck Arbor

Not afraid of using a saw and a hammer? Then you should design an arbor to go on the deck. Get your green thumb involved with some vines, or make it all about the shade with some durable fabric. Your friends may beg to borrow it for a wedding or two, in which case you can design it for easy disassembly and reassembly.

Kitchen Chalkboard

How about something the whole family can use? A chalkboard with a thin frame is perfect for a family calendar, reminders, or meal planning. If you’re worried about chalk dust, worry no more! Be sure to wet the chalk before you write and wipe the board with a damp cloth.

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