DIY Picnic Preparations and Why We Always Forget the Trivialities

Nothing can put one’s mind at ease like nature, flannel blanket, fruit basket and a couple of nice beverages chillin’ inside a thermos can. But at these wonderful family (or otherwise) gatherings, somehow, people always remember what they’ve forgotten back home when already on the sweet location, surrounded by nature. So, before relaxing and enjoying the sounds of colorful nature, be sure you’re prepared for this type of excursion, because the lack of even the most trivial of things can ruin a perfectly nice picnic.

picnic preparation ideasThe Briefing
Here’s an idea for you to consider: take that blanket and put all the things you want to take to the picnic on it. Fruit basket, thermos, water, six packs, ice bucket, you name it. Clear some floor space in your living room and feel free to make a trial run of your picnic. You want to avoid over-packing, for obvious reasons, so bring only the necessities. If your picnic spot is near a well, or a water source, it might be a good idea to bring as little water as you can, and settle for a couple of plastic cups instead. Make sure to keep an open list of items needed, divided into categories, if that doesn’t overly complicate things for you. Don’t forget the plastic ‘silverware’, shades, hats and always, always bring a ball. Now put all of these items and make sure they all fit the blanket! They do? You’re good to go!

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A picnic without some relaxing music? No way that’s gonna work! There are plenty options here, curtesy of the 21st century. All you need is a pair of your default PC speakers and an iPod (everyone’s got that one friend with a diverse music taste and a device that can store hundreds of gigabytes of music). Or, you can go real old school and simply open the doors and truck of a car you used to get there and pretend it’s the magical seventies all over again. Truly a necessity for a quality picnic, a music platform (whatever kind) is obtainable quite easily, but even more easily forgotten, so be careful!

Depending on the kind of a picnic you had in mind, you might want to bring the barbeque gear, including the charcoal, BBQ gloves, a tong & spatula (these are the most common necessities forgotten), prepare injections soaks, marinades, seasonings and of course, the meat (believe me, I’ve borne witness to a grill when the food itself somehow chose to stay in someone’s kitchen). What I found is the best way is buying the food collectively – everyone chooses what they’ll be eating, so there is the least amount of lacking for those people with specific tastes. Next – fill that basket! All the salty foods will have everyone craving for something sweet afterwards, and why stuff oneself with tons of sugary health killers, when you can opt for tasty vitamin bombs and still satiate any need for energy? Fruit hampers Sydney a wide variety of fruit baskets in store for you, fully stocked with the most refreshing of fruits like pineapples, bananas, strawberries (everyone’s favorite), oranges, apples and many more, so feel free to try them out for size.

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Quite similar to my advice of food self-choice, beverages should be bought taste-specific. Sure, everyone drinks beer, so make sure that you and your bunch have bought at least a couple of extra six packs, so there’s no beer deficit. Next, make sure you’ve covered the water part, explained earlier. Everything else is up to individual choice.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Everyone knows what is needed for a picnic, almost intuitively, and having a couple of extra trivial tools has never hurt anyone. Moreover, it is almost certain that, even with a proper list, something’s bound to be forgotten, so this can turn out quite a relief. Things like extra plastic sporks  & knives, cups and bottle openers always come in handy. Don’t forget to bring some anti-insect paraphernalia!

This covers all the basics – make sure your item count approximately fits your cute flannel blanket, do not refrain from quadruple-checking by referring to your checklist, stick to the bring-your-own-booze-and-food mindset and therefore be sure that you’ve brought the chances of forgetting something to a minimum. Now all that remains is to relax and laugh at yourself for, even after all of the preparations, forgetting to bring the plates.

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