5 Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

christmas lights on tree

Christmas time means lots of sparkling lights, electric Santas and other lit-up decorations.

Not to mention candles, Christmas trees, and fireplaces, all of which could present possible electrical hazards for you and your family.

But with a few small steps and following some easy electrical safety tips, you and your family can enjoy all the fun and excitement of all of your decorations and warmth by the fire without having to worry about any accidents happening.

Keep your Christmas tree watered

Having a well-watered Christmas tree will not only ensure that your tree will look green and healthy, but it could also prevent a possibly dangerous hazard.

An overly-dry Christmas tree that has electric lights all over it is a fire hazard, and no one wants to have to worry about their tree spontaneously combusting during the holidays.

When you aren’t there, turn it off

It may be tempting when you leave the house to leave your beautiful Christmas lights on for all to see, but it’s actually best and a lot safer to turn them off.

Electricians advise when you go to sleep or leave the house to unplug all the lights, turn them off, and extinguish any that you have going to make sure that nothing can happen.

Get quality materials

If you know that you are going to be needing things like extension cords, extra outlets, or anything else that will support all the electrical needs you will have during the holiday season, it is probably a good idea to order those from websites such as Electrical Wholesale, that way you know they are good quality and are up to safety standards.

Plus, buying Electrical Wholesale supplies can save you some money if you are going to buy the products in bulk.

Make sure to protect the cords

Make sure wires and cords are well protected from things like heat, cold, and water. This is a great way to ensure all your cords and wires are safe and will work properly.

Make sure they are not too close to any windows, fireplaces, or under any rugs or walkways. Also, make sure to not directly staple or nail any type of electrical wiring to the wall or floors.

Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to not force them into small, enclosed spaces or behind any type of furniture.

Check everything and then check again

When you first pull out all the lights, candles, and decorations it’s a good idea to inspect them all and discard any lights that are broken or any light-strips that have exposed the wiring.

If you don’t inspect them first and they have a broken light or exposed wiring it could be a safety hazard because it could shock someone or cause an electrical fire.

Also, make sure when you do plug everything in you don’t overload any of the sockets, and that you don’t try to string too many lights together. This could overload the system and also be a hazard.

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