Enjoying the Waters in Your Own Boat

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Over 87 million adults participate in recreational boating involving fishing, water skiing, and travel in the United States, according to data from Statista. It is a popular leisure activity, especially during the summer when there are steep discounts on hotels, tours, charters and flights. Sailing during winter exposes you to a lot of cold, long dark days, and strong winds, which is only ideal for people who love extreme outdoor activities. People who own their boat may actually have more fun sailing or boating in the summer than those who have to hire.

Docking and dining

You can easily choose the day to go out dining with friends and family if you own the boat.  To really enjoy this activity, the food has to be pre-prepared and there should be a lot of refreshments throughout the day. You can start with a breakfast stop at a spot where you can see the sun rising, then move on to another spot for lunch where you can feast on food and nature.  Don’t forget to plan for the music and other activities for you and guests on the boat. The number of friends and family you get to invite for this occasion depends on the type of boat you purchased. A bigger boat gives you enough room, allows you to go further afield in it, and your boat parties are much bigger. However, the bigger the boat the longer it will take to pay for it.

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Water sports and fishing for bonding

No matter what size of boat you have, you can partake in numerous types of water sports to bond with your kids. Water skiing is the first water sport you should consider because both the young and the old love it and is easy to pick up. All you need to do is  go out when the waters are calm so that you can really enjoy the sport. Another sport that many people are familiar with and love is tubing.  It is one of the easiest water sports you can try and is appropriate for all ages. Other water sports you can enjoy with your family include wakeboarding, barefooting, and kneeboarding.

Apart from water sports, you can also have a great time fishing with your children. Since children can get bored easily when doing activities that require a lot of waiting, choose a spot where you are sure there will be a lot of fish. Do not target big fish because they can be harder to catch and don’t stay fishing for more than two hours. To avoid spending too long fishing, have a backup plan in the form of a small dip net that can catch smaller types of fish or tadpoles. You should also have a BBQ planned where your family can gather and eat together after fishing.

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Boat skills

While bonding with family and friends is admirable, learning new boating skills can enhance the experience during boating times with loved ones. If sailing is your thing, you can use vacation time to learn how to tie knots, read the wind and water, and how to power your boat using the wind. These skills will allow you to take your family and friends to islands where you can stay overnight camping, or go on snorkeling adventures on coral reefs that other people cannot access. Apart from allowing you to have more fun with loved ones, learning new skills can fill you with tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. Generally, just owning a boat is a great status booster.

Since more people are getting into boating, all the popular boating spots may start becoming too crowded to enjoy. However, if you own a boat, you can move it to any location you want and have a great time.

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