Don’t Forget to Pack These Essentials in Your Swim Bag

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Regardless if you’re a professional swimmer or still sorting out if the pool suit your physical exercise needs, it is only necessary to have the basic essentials in your swim bag.

If your makeup kit is to your handbag; a towel and a swimsuit are to your swim bag. Think of it as your checklist. You need to keep in check all the essentials and place them in your swim bag. So next time, you wouldn’t regret and blame yourself for forgetting your goggles or swimming cap.

Before you leave your house off to the pool, gather your essentials first and ensure you have everything you need in your bag. Gear up and don’t forget to pack these must-haves in your swim bag.

Swim BagA confidence-booster swimsuit

Well, this is obvious. Don’t go jumping in the pool wearing your denim shorts and a T-shirt. Wear your favorite swimwear because it’s made for swimming and it wouldn’t be your favorite if it isn’t comfortable to wear.

For men, bring your swimming briefs or swimming trunks. Get your hands off of boardshorts for they aren’t that convenient when swimming; it creates too much drag. For women, go for a one-piece bathing suit.

Bag for your wet clothes

You don’t want to get your dry clothes, gadgets and other valuables get soaked up with water, do you? Protect these items and grab a separate inner bag for your wet clothing.

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Protect your eyes. Yes, this is a must especially for those who are training to become a professional swimmer: beginner or not, this needs to be in your swim bag.

Since most pools have chlorine in it, it would be wise to wear goggles to protect your eyes. There are various types of goggles you can buy; from beginner style to professionals, the ones featuring cool and advanced specifications and many others that would suit your needs and flavor.

Keep your hair in place and protected. As previously mentioned, most pools are treated with chlorine. Since the chemical can be very harsh especially for those with sensitive skin, it can also damage your hair.

Your hair can also be a hindrance when you’re swimming so you might want to invest in a nice quality swimming cap. Like goggles, the caps also vary in style, whichever you prefer. It can range from the basic cap to more advanced material. Nonetheless, it’s made for your own comfort.

Nose clip

This can be optional but for those who train to be a great swimmer as well as those who perform in triathlons and other marathons which includes swimming, it would be convenient to have this in your swim bag.

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Proper breathing is vital in performing different types of strokes. Coordination between your strokes and breathing is crucial and very important to be able to perform streamlined swimming. Also, learning this isn’t as easy as walking.

Besides these, other basic necessities you need to bring with you are towels, flip flops, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and alike.

If your goal is to become a great swimmer and you’re just starting out, you might want to enlist these important items in your swimming gear checklist. Who knows this could be your new favorite hobby. Enjoy stroking in the water!

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