Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles for Vintage Spaces


Faux tin ceiling tiles help you give that aged and vintage look to your home. However, there are much more advantages to the types of ceiling tiles. For example, these ceiling tiles will last much longer than Styrofoam tiles, and they can be cleaned very easily and you will make them look like new again. The faux cling tiles offered by www.TalissaDecor.com are of top quality, and you will be able to purchase all the accessories you need in order to install the tiles yourself, without any specialized help. Simply browse through the available faux tin ceiling tile designs, and select the ones that would match best your interior design.


There are endless design opportunities available with faux tin ceiling tiles. As long as you like that aged and vintage look in an interior, you will surely love these types of tiles. They can be installed practically on the ceiling of any room: the living room, the bedroom, the hallways and so on. It is up to your imagination truly…and then you can enjoy a beautiful ceiling in your home! For some of the best ideas ad op quality pictures, you can go here for some inspiration.


Faux tin ceiling tiles can be glued on any flat surface, but they can also be glued over the existing ceiling tiles. There is no need to go through major restorations and improvements before you install these types of ceilings. Simply glue them over the old ceiling tiles and you will cover up that old and unsightly ceiling. The ceiling tiles offered by Talissa Décor are made from Thermoplastic Vinyl (PVC) and they are Signature Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles (exclusive pieces).


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Faux Tin Tiles major benefits


  • Extremely lightweight- you can handle them easily, less risk of breakage.
  • 3D embossed with beautiful patterns and imprints. The embossing helps giving that aged, authentic tin texture and appearance. Nobody will even know that your ceiling contains faux tin tiles, and not authentic tin…
  • very easy to install and maintain. Clean them periodically using only a damp cloth.
  • What is even more important, these ceiling tiles are fire tested & class A rated  and approved for use in both residential and commercial environments

There is also a very wide palette of colors available that you can choose from: Rosewood, Gold-Blue, Gold-Green, White and Pearl Blue, Antique Copper, Patina Red, Silver-Purple, Silver-Gold, Teakwood, Woodland Brown, Venetian Brown, Gold-Skyblue, Aged Copper, Aged Taupe and plenty other. You can find Faux Tin ceiling tiles in any color and patina that you can imagine. These types of ceiling tiles will make your home look much brighter, and much more beautiful. They go perfectly in any vintage or classic decor home, but even in a modern environment they are capable of making an interesting statement.


Many people also use such ceiling tiles to cover up portions of unsightly walls in their homes. You can check out many interesting ideas on how you can actually use ceiling tiles to beautify any wall in your home. By gluing 6 or 8 such ceiling tiles in a frame style setting you will recreate a very interesting and ice decoration of your main wall for example. Or, you can use the ceiling tiles as extension to a single shelf…it looks amazing!


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Faux Tin tiles are just as efficient as real tin


As explained in this professional guide, the high-quality faux tin tiles are manufactured so as to give the exact appearance of authentic tin, at a fraction of the cost. If you are not looking for 100% authentic restorations in your home the faux tin ceiling tiles are everything you are looking for on an investment that you can afford. For example, if you have bought a period home and you want to maintain all its characteristics, faux tin ceiling tiles will help you achieve just that.


Then, if your ceiling is quite damaged with small cracks and stains, you can use faux in ceiling tiles to give your ceiling a perfect look. Many homeowners use ceiling tiles to cover up unsightly ceilings, without having to perform any costly repairs and improvements. They simply glue up the tiles and make the entire ceiling look just like new. When it comes to home improvements, the available budget is the most important. You don’t necessarily have to invest a huge fortune into such improvements and redecorations You can achieve professional results on a budget with accessories such as wall murals, ceiling tiles and so on. You just need to be careful to purchase the tiles through reliable providers offering the best quality material and reliable installation instructions and tools.


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Faux tin ceiling tiles look incredibly well when installed on higher ceilings. They will help you make the entire space look more compact and comfortable. Homeowners usually look for ceiling tiles of a darker color, but ivory or silver colored faux tin tiles look amazing as well. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you will choose the color and texture of ceiling tiles that you wish.


You can read many interesting ideas on the topic here, but remember that in order to achieve the ultimate perfect result you must install the tiles with caution. You want to be careful with the arrangement of the tiles, and also leave out some space for the fixtures. There are many DIY guides and videos available online that will teach you step by step how to install such ceiling tiles.


The faux tin tiles are extremely attractive and they can even be customized with the imprints or patterns that you love the most. Theyre also highly critical, because they do not soak up moisture or ny stains. The are relatively maintenance free, so you can enjoy a beautiful and clean ceiling for many years to come. Recreate an eye-catching, historical and vintage looking ceiling in your home on an affordable budget!

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