Five gardening tips and tricks you need to know


Having a garden of your dreams requires commitment, time and hard work, we all know that. But with a few gardening tips from professional gardeners, you can be sure that your time will be well spent, and your work and commitment will finally show results.

proper care of your gardenStarting small

As you are working in your garden, your garden works on you. Every beginning is hard, and the trick for keeping your spirits up, and test the soil and techniques at the same time, is to start small. You don’t even have to choose a spot in your garden, simply use containers and start from there. This way you will learn from your own mistakes, and apply that knowledge on a bigger scale, and whenever you’re not feeling motivated you will have something to go back for that extra boost. Experts even start growing their plants inside; this helps in further development significantly. This is not a waste of your time, even if you are starting with something simple. There are no two exact duplicates of soil or a plant. Work and time well spent is what makes them equally beautiful.

Providing soil

This is crucial, even if you have no experience in gardening you are aware of that. Choosing your soil, making sure of your drainage, plus compost is the key to success. If you have the extra time you can make your own compost. This is the main secret of gardeners. Compost is the ingredient that makes the land fertile and rich, and it is just layers of natural waste, with just a dash of soil. You can use banana peels, tea bags, there is no rule but to keep it organic. Make sure that you are keeping your compost in a warm place and sealed in a bin. Adding nitrogen (found in manure and fresh grass clippings) will speed up the process. It also needs a lot of air and water, so keep it well ventilated and always moist.

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Choose the time and type wisely

On every bag of seeds, you can find the instructions on how and when to plant it. Of course, read this, but investigate further. Location is also crucial, and conditions modification is necessary for every plant is individual. Be a detective! For example, roses do need a lot of Sun, they thrive on rich compost of horse manure, but if you plant them next to a wall or a high tree, you could end up with mold and black spots all over them. Also, if you add fresh compost directly, it will burn the tender roots of roses. Keep in mind that every plant has its own little helping tricks that are easily regulated. My suggestion is to always go organic, from compost to seeds.

Accurate watering

You have to be tremendously careful with the water. If you are not watering your plants enough, they will surely die, but if you water them too much you will get the same result. You have to focus on the roots, water intensely, and the best time to do it is in the morning while the sun is still not so severe. So water them equally, avoid the leaves, and do it in exact periods of time. This is where modern resolutions might just help you. Installing sprinkler systems will save your time and work, and also you will soon realize that your plants appreciate the consistency and equal attention. Plus, they are simply modifiable; you can choose the quantity of water and the time when to do it, for every level of growth and every weather condition.

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Trimming and pruning

Your plants are in a constant need of air, just like us. Proper trimming and providing circulation of air through the plant is what will make her last long and always have that healthy look. But be cautious, if you are not sure how to prune a specific plant simply don’t do it. Again, as choosing the soil and the time for planting the seeds, you have to investigate and find the right way and time how to prune each plant individually. We will take roses again, as an example, they should be trimmed in winter, so they could prepare for the warm period, and always in the form of a shrub. One vital thing is a necessity when pruning: always take a step back and get the bigger picture.

Are you up to the task? Don’t worry too much. Learn from your mistakes, be attentive, and you will have your dream garden flourishing in no time.

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