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Cellulite, 90% of women have it and if you don’t you are one lucky lady! Solvaderm Cellmaxa is the next best solution for cellulite! Now, you may be thinking why you have cellulite and how can CELLMAXA help solve the problem that most women have, and the majority of men do not have.

The first step is to know what cellulite is – cellulite is found beneath the top layer of the skin and consists of fat cells that have forced itself between bands of collagen, or connective tissue, attaching the muscle to the skin. While men’s collagens angled, women’s collagen is vertical like the springs of a mattress and the main reason why women’s fat cells push through and pucker.

Many Dermatologists believe that cellulite is caused by poor circulation and primarily genetic, looks like lumps caused when blood flows slowly and the collagen separates, allowing fat to surface to the skin, and creates cellulite also known as “orange-peel.

get rid of cellulite
Cellulite messes with your poise

These wrinkles mess up most women’s poise and one of the number-one beauty bummers when compared to wrinkles, acne, and frizzy hair. Many women find their body unattractive when orange-peel starts forming and they wear clothing over their bathing suits to disguise it!

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While there is no complete cure (sadly) for cellulite, there are possible ways to help lessen cellulite. Before you grab that favourite sarong, here are some skinny solutions and a Solvaderm potion called Cellmaxa to help you throw away that sarong!

Look better from behind

As cellulite is a type of fat, the best way to rid your behind of that orange-peel is to burn it. Yes, you heard right, you need to do more cardio from running, hiking up hills, cycling or taking part in cardio classes. This may take several months to achieve, but you will notice a difference in your skin’s appearance.

After completing a cardiovascular workout program, it is time to start toning that muscles by taking part in strength-training (we know exercising is boring) but you need to do it to get the muscles and skin toned. While you are training, you need to follow a healthy diet as the less fat, the less cellulite appears. Eat a rich, filled diet with loads of veggies, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats – and do not forget the water.

Water is very important as one need to stay hydrated as this improves skin texture and rids your body of excess fluid it holds back. Get enough of the zzz’s, as rest is most important as it lowers the risk of high blood pressure and is great for the heart.

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Another important thing is to exfoliate your skin as most creams or gels penetrate the skin when used, by using a natural-bristle brush and sweeping over prone areas of cellulite before hopping into a bath or shower helps blood to flow evenly, and breaks down fluids beneath the skin.

Once starting with these healthy routines, one needs little extra help, and this is where Cellmaxa comes in!

What is Cellmaxa?

Solvaderm Cellmaxa is designed to help reduce the appearance of orange-peel and breaks down fat cells preventing them from forming again. The formula of the products superbly created and combined with ingredients that are effective in lessening cellulite when combined with eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and exfoliating the skin.

This blended formulation made up of the following:

  • Adiposlim and Adipoless – These two ingredients work hand in hand to prevent fat from accumulating in existing cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene – helps to plump the skin as they are moisturizing ingredients, making the skin appear less bumpy and smoother

Hand in hand, these ingredients work together in encouraging the growth of new cells and healthy skin while protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the harsh environment we all live in.

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Embrace cellulite and fight back

Although you can take care of exercising, enough rest, eating right, exfoliating, and using Solvaderm Cellmaxa, the chance is that cellulite may disappear over time, and one needs to embrace it! Stop spending time obsessing over it, get into that bikini, go outside, and enjoy the beautiful day. Many women have cellulite, and you are not alone (thanks to those genes), so start with your program, close your eyes and summon power and you will see that you will feel much more confident when throwing away your cover-up!


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