How To Give Your Child the Best Possible Start to Life


It’s not easy being a parent. Every week we’re given new advice from the experts, who are often contradicting the advice we’ve been given just a few weeks before – or, even worse, the advice that our parents followed that formed us. However, while the minor details may change, some things are as true today as they ever have been. Stick to the tried and tested and you can’t go wrong! What we’re outlining below isn’t revolutionary – it’s just the basics that every child needs. And once they’ve got the basics covered, they’re able to grow and grow and grow.




Fostering positive communicative habits is paramount to ensuring your child is able to develop the kinds of relationships we want them to have later in life. It’s not rocket science; it’s just talking with your child in a respectful way, in a manner that ensures they know that they feel loved and comfortable in their home environment. Children are hugely receptive to the manner in which they’re spoken to, so you have to take extra care when you’re speaking to them. This isn’t always possible if you’re having a bad day, but remember – they’re too young to understand that people can have off days. All they hear is disapproval and negative communication, which can have a severely detrimental effect on their relationships later on in life.


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A Healthy Child is a Happy Child


Every parent worries about their child’s health, but not every parent transfers their worry into positive action. For instance, some parents like to cocoon their children away from dangerous situations, fearing that it might cause harm to their child. Sound logic, sure, but the data doesn’t always back up this approach. Children who aren’t exposed to the scrapes and scuffs so routinely experienced in childhood may not develop the resistance to bacteria and actually have more difficulties later in life. The best thing you can do is make sure your child is as well cared for without limiting the enjoyment of their childhood. The best pediatricians will look at preventive child health care, which will give you the peace of mind to let them explore, knowing the important health bits are taken care of.


Be Their Role Model


What qualities do you want your child to have later in life, and how do you expect them to acquire these qualities? Children learn by essentially copying what they see their role models do. If you’re not patient or kind or loving, then in all likelihood your child won’t be either. If you are those things, then your child will see how to be those things. It’s really very simple. Don’t wait for their teachers or their friends to show them how to be a person – you have all the tools to show them yourself.


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Let Them Be


The biggest life gift you can give to your child is to let them be whoever it is they want to be. If they want to follow the arts rather than sport, then you’ll be there to back them up completely. Giving your child the platform to act completely natural, instead of fitting into your idea of what they should be, will pay off greatly in the long run.


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