Great Ways to Volunteer Your Services


With a new year comes new opportunities. By this time, many of us have probably written down our New Year resolutions that consist of eating healthier, working out more, and finishing that fence you started in the backyard before the holidays hit. However, maybe you should consider how important your role in volunteering could be. There are several ways to become involved and contribute to a cause that requires attention. Consider these much-needed volunteer opportunities to help make a difference this year:


Animal Shelters


Just about every city has a local animal shelter that needs assistance. You don’t have to adopt every animal that comes into the shelter, but you can help them find homes. These animals need care and a home that is willing to provide them with the love they require. Try to find a way to utilize your skills to contribute to this cause.


If you have strong organizational skills, perhaps you can assist with office work or organizing a highly marketed pet adoption day at the shelter. If you have a more nurturing sense of skills, perhaps you can participate with more of a hands-on experience with the animals.


Soup Kitchens


One way to make a positive impact on your community is to be a part of your local soup kitchen. According to, “almost 90% of soup kitchens rely on volunteers.” Considering this alarming number, an extra set of helping hands is sure to be appreciated by your community.

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According to, there are many factors that contribute to the level of homelessness, including mental health disabilities. This would be an opportunity to help raise awareness of the homeless population and to get your friends and family involved.


Becoming a part of a cause that has a direct impact on the wellbeing of your community shows your commitment to a better tomorrow to your network of people. With the high level of volunteers needed, getting as many people involved as possible is a sure way to help with the work load, especially around the holidays.


Food Banks


Another great way to help feed those in need is to volunteer at your local food bank. This usually consists of sorting donated goods into individual boxes; however, all skills can be appreciated from data entry, communications, drivers, filing, event planning and more. This a job that is sure to have you rolling up your sleeves to help someone else. Feel free to get your co-workers, friends, and family involved as you all help make a difference in your community. You might even be able to schedule a group or company event to assist in team building opportunities.


Retirement Homes


Another group of individuals that get overlooked are our senior citizens and great way to combat this is to find ways to volunteer a retirement or hospice homes. Retirees can appreciate something new and exciting to break up their everyday routines.

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Consider your skill set. If you’re looking for an audience to practice your vocal skills in front of, a retirement home would be a great opportunity to do so and you’re offering a free concert. If you’re looking to brush up on your dancing, feel free to demonstrate your ability and share your knowledge. If you’re someone who is technology-savvy, consider teaching a few courses to senior citizens to bring their skills up to speed.


As you can see, there are many ways to volunteer and it doesn’t take a special skill set or experience. There is a need for help and what way to better yourself and your community can to act on such a hands-on experience. For these organizations to thrive, they need people to be willing to make it stronger. Get started and volunteer somewhere today.

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