Green Design and Its Place in Sustainable Modern Living

modern home utilizing green design

Each year, we find that more materials and components of everyday living are impacting the environment in a negative manner. Because of this, green design has become more popular among homeowners and designers. Both groups are learning that using sustainable materials is not only important but a social responsibility. From climate change to deforestation, when it comes to building and designing homes, finding materials that are environmentally friendly as well as have an economic and social benefit are key.

Climate Change

With climate change, modern homes must be built stronger. Extreme weather is becoming the norm and homes need to be built to withstand high winds, flooding and other issues. Residential buildings need to be able to protect the homeowner and their family due to the varying weather conditions.

Because of the need for stronger buildings, material s have changed over the years. Modern homes are now relying on more sustainable materials to construct the home as well as products in the home. Take the Kebony company for example. The company develops superior quality wood that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The products will last for many years and are created to conserve our ecosystem.

By choosing such companies for your home build and modern design, you are helping to ensure that techniques that harm the environment are used less. This helps put an end to such operations in the future. Additionally, you can ensure your new space is being constructed with the newest, most innovative products. These products are developed to withstand the test of time.


Another issue plaguing our planet is deforestation. To find the wood needed for the construction of homes, companies are clearing out forests or stands of trees. Deforestation is most common in rainforests. This area is home to many plant and animal species that are slowly dying away due to the continual cutting down of these environments.

If the rate of deforestation were to continue at its current pace, we will eventually see the rainforests vanish. This will lead to unknown effects on the climate on the global scale. The goal of environmentalists is to stop deforestation.

Sustainable materials provide a positive impact on the environment as well as have social and economic benefits. The public health and environment are protected as this method to create sustainable materials doesn’t harm, unlike other processes for building materials.

Building materials that are considered ‘green’ will have been created with renewable plant materials like mud brick or straw. The materials may come from timber where the forests were certified to be sustainably managed or created from other recycled materials. Whatever the case may be, the products are reusable, renewable and non-toxic, providing great benefit to the environment.

When it comes to the design of your existing home or the construction of a new dwelling, focus on using sustainable materials. This is a smart move that not only helps our environment now but will hopefully benefit generations to come.

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