Green Retrofits for Optimal Energy-Efficiency

In this day and age, every single dollar makes a difference. People have so many expenses that they are constantly looking for ways to spend less than they have to. One of the ways to ensure that is by making your home greener – it will need less energy to heat and cool and, therefore, you will spend less on bills. Besides that, it will help save the planet and make a visible difference in your neighborhood. That is why energy efficiency is so vital, and here is how you can contribute to this cause.Green Retrofits

Making a Sound Plan
Before starting this project, there are two things to remember – it is actually not as challenging as it may seem at first, but you will need professional help. In order to modify your house and retrofit it up to energy standards, get an energy audit first. You can do it on your own or hire an expert to conduct it, but only after an audit will you know what has to be done. At this point, make a list of priorities and get on with it.

Thermodynamics and Its Implications
Another thing to remember is that energy efficiency is all about thermodynamics and a set of very simple rules. If you prevent energy from leaving your home, you will need less money to renew it. Additionally, if there is no heat exchange between indoors and outdoors, this needs becomes even lower.Energy-Efficiency
It is simple as that, but what does that practically mean? What you need to do in order to ensure optimal energy-efficiency is concentrate on windows, insulation, sealing the entire house and obtaining proper ventilation.

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How to Solve this Issue?
When dealing with energy efficiency, you can do a lot of things, but only a handful will provide visible results and make your home more efficient. Therefore, focus on handling conduction and convection.
The former marks the heat that is free to escape your home through solid walls and building materials. There is little you can do about it unless you are ready to insulate the walls and invest some money into protecting your home both from the inside and the outside. Do not forget that bricks and wood conduct more heat than insulation materials like polystyrene.
When it comes to convection – transferring heat through gas or liquid – the only solution is to install new windows instead of your old single-glazed ones. Choosing double glazing retrofits will ensure that your house is cooler in the summer and warmer during winter, which will lower your bills and save you a ton of money, say New Zealand’s double glazing experts.

The Goals
There are several benefits of energy efficiency – reduced bills, a financial gain, increased comfort in your home and raised value of the property. That is why you need to determine which ones are your top priority and focus on these.
If you want your home to be warmer and cooler in the winter and the summer, respectively, new windows are the best option. If, however, you are looking for lower bills, consider insulating the outside walls as well. Finally, those looking for a cozier atmosphere should not forget air purifiers – which also include significant health benefits – and a good ventilation system, too.

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Get Started!
Now that you know how to solve this issue and what you can gain from such a project, there is only one thing to do – get started! Contact an energy audit expert, make a list of priorities and start replacing your windows and insulating your home. It may sound too much at first, but you will start feeling the differences very soon.

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