The Best Habits To Develop For Children’s Dental Health

baby chewing on spoon with baby teeth

From the beginning of their lives, you wanted nothing but the best for your child. You made sure they always had enough to eat, drink, and a comfortable place to play and sleep. Every minute you seemed preoccupied with making sure their needs were met and that they were healthy and happy. Did you ever stop to think that this preoccupation is also very important for something like their teeth?

You’re thinking, “Well if the rest of them is healthy, won’t their teeth be?” And the truth is you would be partially right. But the other truth is that children’s teeth need special care and attention, even from a very young age, especially since tooth decay is the most chronic disease found in American children today.

You need to ensuring that your child has the healthiest of teeth. Here are five of the best things you can do for your child’s teeth.

Babying The Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are just as important to take care of as adult teeth. They are a great way to ensure that your child starts their life with a healthy mouth and teeth.

Baby teeth need to be taken care of as soon as they make an appearance. This is especially true with baby teeth because they have thinner enamel than adult teeth.

Start off by going over your baby’s gums with a clean, warm washcloth after they eat. As more teeth appear, graduate to a toothbrush with a very small amount of child-safe toothpaste.

Visit The Dentist

You may have heard varying opinions on when the “right” time to take your child to the dentist may be, but when it comes to your child’s teeth it is better to be safe than sorry. It’s best to take them in as soon as their first tooth appears. The visit will just be a consultation, and your dentist will review how to best take care of your child’s emerging teeth.

You can find a pediatric dentist such as Alligator Dentist in Idaho Falls, Idaho, or another dentist in your area that specializes in the care of children’s teeth.

Teeth-Friendly Diets

What is a tooth-friendly diet you may be asking? Well, it simply means ensuring that your child’s diet consists of things they should be already eating such as vegetables, fruits, good grains, and healthy dairy, rather than sugary foods and drinks.

This is because sugary foods and drinks, especially for little ones, is the biggest contributing factor to tooth decay. It also causes cavities, which are very harmful to their teeth.

Have them drink water instead of soda and juice. This is a great way to decrease the likelihood of tooth decay and increase the chance of healthy teeth.

Be Wary of Pacifiers

Pacifiers may seem like a great way to soothe a sad baby, but over time if used for too long they can have an adverse effect on your child’s teeth.

It’s totally fine if your child uses a pacifier when they are newborn or up to a couple months old but try as hard as possible to wean them off of it when you can.

Make Brushing A Habit

You should start to teach your child at a young age how to brush their teeth. Make sure to show them how important it is.

Make sure to show them how you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Then, let them do it themselves at an age when they can start to do that.

Let them pick out their toothbrush. Make it a special and fun time to help them remember and seal this important habit into their growing minds.

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