Handy Gadgets That Keep Track of Your Health

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We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to live longer and happier. With the rise of technology, there have been new developments and handy gadgets destined to keep us up to date with our health. Going to a doctor’s appointment can be pretty expensive, but it’s necessary sometimes. 

However, going to regular consultations can be avoided just by having some devices that help you track your health and check that everything is working properly. 

Let’s take a look at a few.

Portable Electrocardiogram

Nowadays, due to various factors, people are more likely to suffer from heart conditions. An electrocardiogram is a device that tracks your heart rate, but it’s usually found in only doctor’s offices. 

A portable ECG is pretty useful because now people can track their heart rate without having to attend a consultation! Also, the device is rather small, so that you can take it anywhere. Having a portable ECG can help you if you suffer from tachycardia, and you suddenly notice that you’re heart is going a little faster than normal. 

SonoHealth mentions that the portable ECG works just by holding the device between your hands. Then, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of your rate directly through the app. Later on, you can print it in order to take it to the consultation, or just have it for your record. 

Getting your heart checked couldn’t be easier with these handy gadgets! 

Gluten Tester

Many people don’t know they have a gluten allergy, but this isn’t really as simple for a lot of people. This so-called allergy is, in reality, Celiac Disease. If you’re often noticing that eating food like cereal, pasta, or bread makes you sick the next day, you probably suffer from this disease

Experiencing rashes, stomachaches, or even hives are some of the symptoms of this condition – and its only known cure is to stop eating gluten. 

Some people might find it embarrassing or frustrating going to a restaurant and asking if the food is gluten-free. Take into consideration that a lot of places don’t offer a gluten-free option or aren’t 100% sure how to prepare meals safely for sufferers.

That’s why many companies have started to develop a gluten tester. The process is fairly simple – just take a bite-size of the food into the tester capsule, and you’ll get the result in about three minutes. 

Many of these devices have their pros and cons; that’s why we should research and compare some of them


When winter comes around, we take out our scarfs – but what about one that protects you from air pollution?

A BioScarf is designed to wear all year round, and it has technology that filters the air you breathe. Air pollution causes severe damage to our body, especially if you’re living in a highly-populated area like a big city. 

This scarf can prevent many diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Also, they have many lovely models so we can look cute!  

Smartphone Ultrasound

When a woman gets pregnant, they must attend their monthly gynecologist appointment. This can get pretty costly, especially if you don’t have insurance. 

In this appointment, they check the baby’s development according to the stage of the pregnancy. They are essential for the pregnancy because they will inform you if there are any abnormalities or if everything is going as expected. 

Parents love seeing their little one on the ultrasound screen, and they wish that moment could last longer. Well, now it can!

This device consists of ultrasound equipment that connects to your phone through an app. Just put some gel on the belly, and start watching your baby in the womb. This is a very exciting advance in the parenting world, especially for those who can’t afford pricy consultations that include fancier equipment.

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