Health Issues That Will Hit You As You Get Older


There are plenty of things to worry about as you get older. Your finances will suddenly become permanently reduced as you try to figure out how to survive on a pension. You can prepare for this by making sure that you live on a budget, all the way through your life. If you do that it won’t come as such a shock when that budget gets tighter. You can also save more to make sure that your pension stretches further. But don’t forget there’s more to think about than just your finances. You need to consider your health as well. You might be surprised by the health issues you experience as you start to get older and how soon they begin to hit you. Let’s start with some general tips about your body.


Age Changes People


It does, and it takes a big toll on your body. In particular,  your body will start to become frailer and more fragile than it used to be. Now you can say, well I exercise every day and that’s great. But you can’t beat the hands of time. Eventually, it will catch up with you. The fact that your body is more frail will mean that your recovery times are longer. Any bone breakages or serious incidents could result in recovery times that last months rather than weeks. If you recover at all, because there’s a strong possibility that you won’t. Your body will heal, but the pain caused by the injury will stick with you.


That’s another thing that you need to be prepared for. Even small things become increasingly painful as you get older. Many people stop their dogs walking up and downstairs when they are a puppy. They do this because as the dog gets older, the action of walking upstairs will get painful. It’s bad for their backs and their shoulders. It’s also why you should lift your dog onto the bed, rather than getting him to jump. What most people may not be aware of is that humans have the same problem. You can run up and down stairs now, but wait until you hit sixty. Each odd step will send pain or discomfort up your legs. As such, you may want to consider moving to a bungalow when you retire. You should do this, even if you haven’t noticed any pain. Ideally, you want to make the big move before those signs start to develop.


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We need to think about how your mind is affected as you age too. As you should be aware, elderly people are more likely to develop dementia. Although dementia has been seen in patients as young as 35, it is far more common in the elderly population. Dementia while a nightmare in itself, can lead to physical health problems. People with dementia are more likely to experience accidents in the home that lead to serious injuries.


Embarrassing Body Issues


Let’s ignore the obvious here and forget about how our looks change as we age. Yes we get wrinkles, our skin looks worn, and our hair turns grey. But in the grand scheme of things, none of this matters. What we should be thinking about are the physical issues that can develop. Some of these are embarrassing, but it’s important to know about them. First, you should know that if you are suffering from these types of conditions you’re not alone. Secondly, there are treatments available.




One of the most common issues in old age for men is erectile dysfunction. Although this can affect men of any age, it is more common in elderly men. Interestingly, sexual libido has also been seen to increase as men get older. So, it’s slightly unfortunate that both changes often develop at the same time. Luckily, medicine has evolved and adapted. There are now plenty of options for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. No matter what age you are, you will be able to find erectile dysfunction treatment online.


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Another common issue when you age is increased urination. It can feel like your bladder has literally shrunk because you need to urinate constantly. The good news is that this is incredibly common and is nothing to worry about. Short of having to get up halfway through the night, it won’t cause any problems at all. You should, however, watch out for sudden changes to urination habits or bowel movements. This can point to more serious issues like cancer.


Elderly people often have teeth that are in worse shape. They do tend to look yellow and can have a lot of teeth. This isn’t because they don’t brush their teeth properly or keep good oral hygiene. It’s due to the health of teeth fading faster than the body ages. Eventually, it often leads to elderly people needing dentures instead. Again, it’s just a natural part of getting older that you will have to come to terms with.


Common Causes Of Concern


As you get older, you may find that you are going to the doctor far more regularly. There’s good reason for this. Elderly people are more at risk of contracting a number of different diseases and health issues. The odds of recovering or surviving these health issues are also a lot lower. As such, it’s important to keep a check on your health and make sure you notice any changes early on. We’ve already talked about a few of these health issues such as cancer and dementia, but there are many more.


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For instance, even catching the flu when you’re older can be dangerous if you are over seventy. That’s why every year the government sends encourages elderly people to get vaccinated.


As you can see then, things are different for the elderly, and they will be for you once you reach a certain age. You need to be prepared for these changes, come to terms with them and deal with them accordingly. The twilight years can be the best time of your life as long as you understand that things won’t be the same as when you were young. Thankfully, medicine is constantly evolving and getting old is no longer the nightmare it used to be.


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