Health Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

benefits of craft beer

Years ago, when the world was still a peaceful place without so much tension and global threats or at least did not know that much about each and every disaster in every corner of the world (i.e. some 20 years ago), almost nobody made beer at home. One of the main reasons was the lack of necessary ingredients. It was not that easy to buy hops anywhere and the overall procedure was actually quite expensive and it would not payout at the end of the day. Back then, a bottle of beer after work had cult status, especially for blue-collar workers. It was at the same time a social norm and a moment of physical and mental relaxation. It used to be working-class mediation. However, with the incomparable development of technology, the whole world is becoming less beer-in-the-pub friendly and more centered towards individual beer drinking. At the same time, the quality of the beer that is produced in large breweries owned by multinational companies is often of quite tacky quality. What could beer-lovers do others from starting their own beer production? The benefits of it are numerous.


Why is it more affordable?

A kind of paradoxical explanation on why making beer at home has become so acceptable for almost every pocket is the fact that the medium that has contributed very much to the alienation of people – the Internet – has also enabled us to make tasty homebrew. Today, there are many sites in which beer pundits can order custom brewing equipment for the exceptional feeling of home-made brew. Thanks to this possibility, you can order ingredients separately, as well, but that is not recommended until you have mastered some basic skills for making brew at home. The good thing is that the price of ready-made kits is falling all the time and they are becoming more affordable as we are writing (and you are reading) this text.

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You know your stuff

Since it is more affordable, it also contributes to our overall health. You do not have to experience the stress of calculating if you can have one or two bottles of beer when you go out. Also, you know what you have put into your beer. The beer that we buy in the store sometimes only tastes like a bleak distant relative of old-fashioned beers, lying at the deathbed if compared to beers that were made twenty or thirty years ago. The main difference between corporate beer then and the mass-produced beer of today is that they save a lot on hops, which is rich with antioxidants, having a positive effect on the human heart and health in general. Hops also give that typical bitter taste to the beer. It is no wonder that today many lagers are almost completely de-hopped and that is why in many of them the predominant taste is the taste of sourness.


Benefits for mental health

We work a lot today. Even those people who do not work that much are also under the constant stress of job insecurity and existential fear. In order to overcome or at least alleviate the bad effects that such a situation has on human health, we need to clean our minds as much as possible. Mental hygiene is most effective when it is conducted in the company of best friends. If we start making homebrew, we can actually revive the atmosphere of the 19th-century lounges, where people would gather and discuss interesting social and artistic matters. By making your own craft beer, you can give an incentive for regular beer gatherings in your home with the cause if tasting your new round of beer. You can invite your friends and even whole families and help everybody have a great time during the beer trying session. The only condition that you should impose is that the home-beer invitees must not discuss depressing issues. The tickets can be laughter and goodwill to try your home-crafted brew. These are just a few reasons for how home brewing can create a positive impact on your mental health.

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Healthy if reasonably consumed

Of course, beer has alcohol and it can have a positive effect on our health only if it is consumed in reasonable quantities. If you observe it as a useful pastime activity that can also contribute to a better social life of you and your friends, then home brewing is wonderful. However, if you start wasting yourself from your beer, then it will not have a good effect on your health, but most probably the opposite. As far as you treat it is a fun and a creative hobby, you can be sure that there will be some benefits for your health and you will save some money, as well.

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