Hear These Silent Killers By Knowing What To Listen Out For


We all try to keep our health in the best condition possible, right? Do you book an appointment with the doctor the moment you spot a problem? Good! Acting fast is the best way of stopping anything serious developing. The bad news is that some illnesses don’t have any symptoms at all. How can you book an appointment if you don’t know there’s anything wrong? Silent illnesses have time to spread and do damage before you even know they’re there. You can’t force those diseases to make themselves known. In fact, all you can do is be aware of what they are. That way you can look out for symptoms there might be, or get the appropriate checks to prevent the problems. We’re going to look at a few of the silent illnesses you should be on the lookout for. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it covers some of the worst offenders.


The list starts with the big one. Cancer is one of the illnesses that needs treating as soon as possible to stop spreading. Even so, it’s one illness that can be hard to detect until it’s too late. Some forms of cancer, like breast cancer, have physical symptoms by which you can detect the problem. Many other cancers have barely any symptoms at all or symptoms that are easily missed. Any symptoms of these are a sign that things have gone too far. So, how can you diagnose something so unnoticeable? In truth, all you can do is live the healthiest life possible. Avoid cancer risks such as smoking and large amounts of processed meats. The better you know your body, the better you’ll be able to recognize a problem. Get in tune with your health so that you have a better chance of spotting a problem. Take note if you’re feeling more breathless than usual, or have any repeated cramping. The fight against silent illness starts with the small things!


STDs are one of the most silent illnesses of all. While some involve physical symptoms or increased discharge, many have no symptoms at all. Chlamydia is recognized for being the most symptomless of all. You could be suffering from a disease such as this without ever realizing it. Just because it’s silent doesn’t mean it’s not doing damage, though. Untreated STDs can cause significant health issues, such as infertility.Not to mention that you’ll be passing the problem to any sexual partners you have during that time. The best way to prevent the problem becoming dangerous is getting tested between partners by either purchasing an at home STD test or by scheduling an appointment with your physician. The best way to prevent the problem becoming dangerous is getting tested between partners. Take some time to discover std testing near you and get yourself checked. Such checks take no time at all, and treatment is generally just a course of antibiotics. There’s no reason not to go along and get the all clear! If you’re embarrassed about going along to a clinic, you can test yourself for some things at home. Ask about home testing kits at any local testing centers to see if this is an option open to you.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another serious problem that often goes unrecognized. For the most part, there are no warning symptoms when it comes to high blood pressure. Most people only realize that there’s an issue when having a general health check. If you’re on a prescription, you should be getting regular blood pressure checks. Otherwise, you could go for years without knowing what your blood pressure is doing. High blood pressure is more of a warning sign than an illness in itself. It can lead to strokes and heart disease among others. Knowing your blood pressure is high can allow you to make changes before things get serious. But, how can you do that when the blood pressure problem is silent? The best way is to check your blood pressure often. Most doctor’s surgeries offer use of a blood pressure machine. If not, a quick appointment with the nurse can keep you up to date. If you don’t have time to go to the doctor’s, you can buy a blood pressure machine of your own for cheap. That way, you can check your blood pressure whenever the mood takes you. Familiarize yourself with what reading you should be receiving. If you notice a problem, make sure to book a doctor’s appointment to discuss what’s happening.


It may surprise you to see diabetes on this list, but it can be sneaky when it wants to be! While diabetes becomes apparent when severe, subtle abnormalities in blood sugar can go unnoticed. Any symptoms that do occur are easily mistaken for something else or missed altogether. We brush things like dry mouth and constant thirst aside without a thought. If you do notice these symptoms, it’s unlikely that your mind will go straight to diabetes. The trouble is, controlling diabetes is much easier when the symptoms are small. Early treatment can also stop the problem from developing. Catching those early stages will allow you to control the problem with tablets instead of injections. It’s also better to halt the strain diabetes has on your body as soon as possible. Again, listening to your body can help you recognize this problem. If you find yourself getting dizzy and drinking a lot, it’s worth getting the problem checked out. A visit to the doctor’s and a quick blood sugar test can tell you whether your blood sugars are wrong. You can also buy a blood sugar tester to use at home. This may worth doing it you’re worried you’re high risk. If diabetes runs in your family, or you have trouble with your weight, you’ll need to check more often.

The best way to fight silent illness is knowledge. Remember, if visiting your doctor for any of these problems, that it can be hard for them to diagnose as well. If you think something’s going on but your doctor disagrees, fight your corner. There’s no harm in doing tests to be sure!


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