Is Heel Pain Troubling You? This is what You Need to Know


It is a fact that both literally and metaphorically, feet are the foundation of the entire body. Still, foot-related issues are often not perceived as seriously as they should be. If one suddenly experienced a brief moment of chest pain, he or she would immediately go to the hospital, yet that same person would often tolerate heel pain for months without seeking any professional help.

Heel painThe truth is that dealing with constant heel pain causes a lot of troubles in your everyday life, lowers your life standard and makes you more nervous and anxious. However, this is not all. It would be foolish to simply observe heel pain as a singular phenomenon since it can be caused by various things and leave many different consequences. Here is a shortlist that aims to provide you with some of the most important things you need to know about heel pain.

Most common causes

One of the most common causes of persistent and annoying heel pain is definitely plantar fasciitis. This issue is most common with people who suffer from issues such as diabetes and obesity as well as with pregnant women, runners, and professional athletes. In this situation, the plantar fascia stretches thin, which may lead to breaking or some other similar difficulties, which results in excruciating heel pain.

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Another issue, which definitely deserves a spot on this list is the heel spur. This issue happens usually in combination with plantar fasciitis where stretching of the skin causes abnormal growth of the bone on one’s heel. This issue is also most common with joggers, runners, and obese people, but can also have for its cause the use of inadequate footwear. This is also an extremely important issue which demands your undivided attention since constantly wearing inadequate footwear can cause issues as serious as gout.

Experiencing the symptoms

These issues have many symptoms, each more inconvenient and unpleasant than the other, and it is vital that you know how to recognize them properly. For the two aforementioned issues, symptoms are quite different and are not easily mistaken. For example, plantar fasciitis does not cause you constant pain in your feet but only during your first several steps in the morning. On the other hand, heel spur causes constant pain which gets worse and worse over the course of several months.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a professional help

As previously mentioned If the pain was in your chest, you wouldn’t just wait for it to go away, but ask for professional help. When your feet are in question we see no reason whatsoever why you should act differently. If you experience any or all of the symptoms of a dangerous foot issue, make sure to visit your podiatrist.

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In a recent interview with podiatrists, we learned that there are few basic ideas and principles that you need to follow when visiting your podiatrist in order for that appointment to live up to your expectations. First of all, avoid manicure and nail polish. These seamlessly harmless things can conceal some important symptoms. Second, be as honest and informative as you possibly can. Mention your daily habits, and make sure to introduce your chosen podiatrist to the footwear that you most commonly wear. The importance of the latter has already been discussed.

You rely on your feet in most of the areas of your life and therefore have no luxury to simply tolerate when something doesn’t feel right. On the other hand, there is no reason why you should suffer and endure constant heel pain when salvation is only a step away.

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