Help Your Parents with Tasks as They Age


Sometimes we don’t appreciate what our parents do for us until we have kids of our own. As our parents grow older, we want to return the favor and help make sure they’re looked after too. However, it can be complicated to support your parents in their old age. Not everyone is able to help in the way they want to. And parents and children often disagree about what might be the best path to take. You want to be there for your parents as they get older, but you might be uncertain about how you can help. Apart from having them move in with you, here are some ways you could be helpful.


Helping to Create a Plan


It’s always a good idea to have a plan for retirement. In fact, your parents aren’t the only people who should be thinking about one! If your parents aren’t sure what their retirement (or later retirement) will look like, you can help them consider some of the big issues. For example, they might have already retired, and they’re spending their time traveling. But have they made plans for when they might need to slow down? If one of them becomes ill, who will look after them? What will their daily lives look like? You can help them work out big issues like where they might live in the future.


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Assisting with Medical Care and Costs


As you get older, your medical needs can change a lot. You have a higher risk of many conditions, from poor eyesight to cancer. Being aware of the costs your parents might face and how they can deal with them is useful. That doesn’t mean you would be helping them out with medical costs, necessarily. You might help them to navigate Medicare to ensure they’re getting the most out of their plan. You can look at sites like They will help you to see if they might benefit from supplementary insurance. You can help them decide which are the best care and treatment options.


Making Legal Arrangements


It can be a good idea to start thinking about some legal issues in your senior years. Some things your parents might want to arrange include a will and a living will. They can consider what might happen if they are no longer able to advocate for themselves medically and legally. They might want to write or update their wills to ensure their assets are distributed as they want them after their deaths. You could provide help with these tasks by finding them an attorney or even just a template for a will. Try to see a useful template for a will.


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Helping with Daily Life


Some people take on the huge task of caring for an elderly parent, or even two parents, full-time. However, this isn’t possible or even necessary for everyone. Your parents may not need a lot of extra care, or you might be unable to provide for them all the time. But you still can help them in their daily lives. There are lots of tasks you can do to make their lives a little easier. They can range from helping to manage their bills to doing some grocery shopping or cooking a meal. Your contribution could be monetary. But it could also be a helpful task or just providing company.


Providing Social Interaction


Socializing is essential for senior citizens. Of course, it’s important for everyone, but older people often end up being isolated. Helping to ensure your parents aren’t lonely is another way you can assist them in their old age. You can visit them yourself, whether they live in their own home or a care facility. You can also help to ensure there are people to keep them company when you can’t be there. There are charities that can provide volunteers to visit them or just give them a call. You might also find community centers or church groups where they can spend the day. Help them to find social activities they will enjoy too, both with people their own age and younger.


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Help with Managing Finances


You might not be able to afford to contribute much to your parents’ finances. However, you can help them manage theirs. They might have retirement funds, but it’s unlikely they will last forever. You can help them ensure that their money goes as far as possible and that they’re managing it responsibly. Of course, if you can afford to, you might contribute some of your own funds too.


There are many ways you can help your parents as they get older. We all want to make the most of our retirement years, so help them make theirs comfortable.

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