Helping Senior Citizens Get The Most Out Of Their Doctor Appointments

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With age comes more doctor visits to try and help improve quality of life, but doctor visits can be stressful and confusing for many reasons. Due to age-related problems, your friend or family member may have a hard time hearing their doctor or remembering important questions they needed to ask them. If this sounds familiar here are a few tips to help them get the most out of their medical appointments.

Go With Them

Go with them to the appointment. Don’t just drive your friend to the doctor, but go in to visit the doctor with them. Of course, you need their permission, but this will help things go much more smoothly for the patient, nurses, and doctor.

You can be there to help relay information that they might be having a hard time understanding as well as helping them to communicate better with their medical care provider. If you have an elderly friend or family member who talks about how difficult their appointments are, then kindly offer to go with them to help.

Come Prepared

If you are going with someone to their appointment make sure you are prepared. Know what the visit is for. Ask your friend if they have any specific questions that they want to ask the doctor. If they do, take the time to write them down. It’s always so frustrating to leave an appointment only to realize you didn’t get all of your questions answered.

Also, try and help your friend to be prepared with a complete list of their medications. It can be hard to remember the technical names of what you’re taking. Help them write out a list so you can hand it to the doctor when you arrive. This will keep things simple and easy for everyone.

Speak Up

When doctors and nurses are explaining things sometimes they use unfamiliar terms. Don’t be afraid to speak up and get clarification. If you don’t understand what they’re talking about there is a very good chance your friend doesn’t either.

Check that your friend knows what is going on and that they are comfortable with everything that is happening. If the nurse is prodding and pushing a little too much, don’t hesitate to say something. Be nice about it, but still let them know how your friend is feeling if they are having a hard time communicating it themselves.

Write It Down

Never feel uncomfortable about writing things down. If the doctor says to pick up a certain over-the-counter medicine, write it down. If they talk about a possible problem that you’d like to do your own research on, write it down. It’s easy to tell yourself that you won’t forget when you’re in the moment, but it can be terribly difficult to remember later.

Hopefully, with these few simple tips, your friend or family member will be able to get more out of their doctor’s appointment. It would be great if their appointments were simple and easy instead of stressful and awful.

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