7 Holiday Gifts for the Home Decorator in Your Life

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It seems that there’s always someone (or a few someones) in the family that loves to spend their time remodeling and decorating their home. There’s something new in the house every time you visit them. While home decorating can be very subjective, if you know the person well enough, you can usually find a pretty good gift that they would love to display in their home.

If you need some ideas, that’s what we’re here for. Check out this list to see if there’s something that you can get for the home decorator in your life.

Couch Pillows

The types and designs of couch pillows you can get are seemingly endless. Find one that goes well with the interior of your loved one’s home and get a couple that they can add to their couches. You can even get some seasonal winter or holiday pillows (or pillow covers) that they can display through the rest of the holiday season.


Blankets are always a good gift idea, whether the receiver uses them to decorate their home or not. But if your loved one likes keeping a comfortable throw on the back of the couch for their guests to use when their cold, this is a great time to help them mix it up by getting them a new one.

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Wooden Signs

Get a little more creative and make something yourself that your friends can display in our outside of their home. Wooden signs made of pallets are a fun and unique gift idea. You can use a pallet to paint a monogram letter for their last name or create a cute seasonal sign to display. If you’re not sure where to get some wooden pallets, try a pallet manufacturer or check warehouses in your area that are disposing of them.


If your friend or loved one has a lot of empty shelf space, help them out by finding some unique trinkets that you know they would love. This, of course, is something that has to be personal to them. Try getting something they like to collect. If you have a friend who loves elephants, find a cute ceramic elephant or a small painting of one.


Artwork is definitely hard to pick out for someone else’s home. But, if you know the person well enough, you can usually find something they will like. Get a painting by their favorite artist, or find some cool prints and have them framed. Or, if you are an artist yourself, create something original for them. The more thought and meaning you can put into your gift, the better!

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You really can’t go wrong with candles, especially if you know what kind of scents your friend or loved one likes best. Pick out some elegant chic candles that go with the interior of their home. Neutral colors like creams, soft blues, greens, or grays are always a good idea. This is especially true if the receiver is constantly changing their colors around.


Doormats are always good to switch out now and then. Find something that goes well with your loved one’s taste. Get them a new mat to welcome guests into their everchanging home.

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