Doing Home Improvements? Don’t Forget The Garage!


Like many of our readers, you may be here looking for tips and information on adding value to your home for a sale some time in the future. By now, you’ll probably have plans for major areas like the lounge, kitchen and so on. But what about the garage? This may not be the heart of the home, but it still has a lot of potential for adding to that asking price. Here are some ideas for improving your garage…


Create More Storage Space


For most people, the garage has one purpose and one purpose alone: to store stuff. Everyone needs a place to organise the odds and ends they don’t want to keep in the main body of the house, so adding some more storage space in your garage can be a great improvement to start off with. Moveable shelf units are always very popular, as are hook and hanger combos, platforms that lower from the ceiling, and so on. Take a look around your local home improvement store, and you’ll find all kinds of great ideas.


Secure the Perimeter


It may not be a pleasant thought, but the garage of a home is usually pretty attractive to thieves. Security may not have been a big factor in your decision to buy your house all those years ago, but believe me it’s definitely going to cross the minds of other potential buyers! Due to this, one great way to add value to your home through the garage is by making it more secure. If you’ve got a window in it that’s big enough for someone to get through, consider installing some bars over it on the inside. Other additions like motion lights, or secure garage door openers can be wise additions. There’s some great information on the security of garage door openers published by Garage Automatics.


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Feel the Burn!


If your home already has a driveway, or the road is easy enough to park on, then this probably won’t be a big point in your buyer’s search criteria. This opens up an opportunity to totally re-purpose the garage, and make it a more attractive feature to anyone who’s viewing the home. These days, everyone seems to be crazy about fitness and building muscle, so why not clear out the garage and turn it into a home gym? Wall-mounted weight racks, fitness flooring, and large mirrors are all good additions to consider.


Total Renovation


Perhaps you’ve got a detached garage, and you’ve never used it that much for storing your car. If this is the case, then transforming it into a little pavilion for entertainment could be a fantastic way to pile on value. Have it carpeted, give the walls a fresh lick of paint, and consider installing some new windows. One great way to make an outdoor garage feel more homey is to take out the drab, metal garage door, and replace it with some wooden swing doors. Provided it’s got enough space, an outdoor entertainment room can be exceedingly attractive to buyers.

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