Setting Up a Home Theatre in a Small Room

If you are thinking of turning a room in your house into a home theatre, but think it is too small – do not worry. Even small rooms can be turned into media rooms, with the little help of creativity and good organisation.

Home Theatre

The benefits will be numerous – not only will you spend hours enjoying movies and quality TV programme, but you will work for your future – if you happen to decide to sell, this room will increase the value of your home. So keep reading and find out how to turn your spare room into home theatre.

1. Clean before you act

If you want to set up your entertainment hub in a small room, the first thing you are going to have to do is to clear it out. Take out everything, literally every little thing. You will not need that closet, nor the night table, and especially that box of toys. Remember that the home theatre room is all about the big screen, the lighting and the sounding system, and of course – about the couch. Once you have that settled in your head, you can proceed to the next phase.

2. Make a blueprint

If you want your home theatre to be perfect, you will have to organize it properly. The best solution would be to make a blueprint of the room and decide where you want everything to stand. Especially when it comes to small rooms, every inch can be important because you will want to use it wisely. Now think in technical terms: think of the wiring and audio-visual requirements. And do not forget about the Internet – you do not want to end up drilling holes for additional cables once you have everything done.

3. Go shopping

If you have decided what you will need, the time has come for you to go shopping. Home theatre companies suggest that you do your homework first and then do the actual shopping. Big screen, sounding system and lighting must all be in perfect balance if you want your experience to be perfect as well. Since your room is not that big, you do not want to be overwhelmed with the screen size, so choose one which is appropriate for the room size. The same goes for the speakers – you do not want too many of them in order not to ruin everything. And make sure to connect the cables and protect them from unwanted tripping or breaking. And here is an extra tip: you can install ventilation since there will be a lot of electronic devices working at the same time, especially if you invite some people over.

4. Design

Once you have all this settled, it is time to think of the interior design, that is – the furniture. It will, of course, all depend on the layout of the room. Comfortable couch is a must, but you can also think of comfortable chairs and even colourful bean bags – especially if your kids are going to use the room for video games. Interior home designers recommend movie-house theme, which is a great idea if your family loves old movies and you want the real theatre experience under your feet.

And finally, do not forget maybe the most important thing: in each stage of this process, think of the people who are going to spend time in this room and make it according to their needs. After all, a happy home is everything we need.

This article was written by Kate Flannery with tips from AV Clarity, a home theatre Brisbane-based company. Kate is a lifestyle blogger and pop culture enthusiast, and you can reach her through her Twitter

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