How to Support Your Entrepreneur Friends

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It can be overwhelming to have an entrepreneur friend. You want to help them, but sometimes helping them means putting yourself on the line. Here are a few tips for giving your friend a boost with their business.

Try Their Product

If you haven’t given their product a shot yet then go ahead and try it out. Of course, this can’t be the case for all of your friends. No one expects you to visit their doctor’s office if you’re perfectly healthy, but if they run a bakery, then drop by and purchase a cupcake. It won’t cost you much and if you like it you can honestly tell others to give it a try.

Remember that if you do refer someone to your friend’s business, you will be putting your own self on the line. That is a large reason why it is good to try the product yourself so if you do send someone their way you can feel comfortable and confident about your recommendation.

Don’t Ask For Free Work

Never assume that it will be free for you. Always ask the price even if they are your brother. This is the way that they make money. If they want to give you a discount then that is entirely up to them, but never assume that you are a special case. Doing that can be demeaning of their work.

Remember that if they are hand-making something, then it will likely be more expensive than what you can find at Wal-Mart. It isn’t just the cost of materials that is factored into the price. It takes time to create something original and that will be part of the overall cost as well.


If you try their product or see their work and actually like it, then don’t hesitate to tell others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for small privately owned businesses. Back to the bakery friend, if you hear a friend is looking to have a birthday party catered, then let them know about your friend.

Don’t just tell them to look into the bakery, but take a few extra seconds to say something along the lines of, “I went there and I really liked it.” People like knowing that they are going to get good work if they use your referral.  


It doesn’t take long to comment, “That looks delicious!” on your bakery friend’s cake post, and by doing that you’ve already boosted their public viewing. If you feel comfortable enough you could even share your entrepreneur friend’s post to help them get more attention. Every little bit helps and they will be grateful for any hand up.

Give your friend’s business a chance before you make an opinion. They could really use your help if you’re willing to give them a shot. Other people could really love the product as well, but they will never know unless you help them to hear about it. To find some potential resources for launching a new product for your business or for helping your friend get theirs going, visit

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