How You Know It’s Finally Time to Visit the Dentist

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We know taking care of our teeth is important, but most of us would rather put off that visit to the dentist until the absolute last moment. Or you may one of the individuals that only goes if they notice something seriously wrong.

Here are seven ways you’ll know it’s time to make that trip to the dentist.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

We all experience a bit of tooth sensitivity once in a while, but consistent and prolonged sensitivity could be a sign of an impending cavity. And if that sensitivity has progressed to straight up tooth pain, that cavity could be on its way to the root of your tooth.

This internal decay, if not addressed immediately, can result in the need for a more invasive procedure like a filling or root canal. Avoid these by brushing regularly and seeing a dentist if the pain is persistent or worsens.

Swollen and Bleeding Gums

Are you seeing that bit of blood when you spit in the sink after brushing your teeth? Bleeding gums can be a sign of overly rigorous brushing as well as poorly cared for gums. When the enamel near your gums isn’t brushed and flossed properly, this can lead to swelling, a precursor to gum disease.

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If ignored for too long, this can cause your gums to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth and weakening their connection to the jaw. If you’re unsure how best to care for your gums, ask your dentist or dental hygienist at your next appointment for tips and recommended products.

Clicking or Catching in the Jaw

Some people begin to experience jaw pain or the jaw bone functioning in a less than smooth manner. While some of this is minor and has no cause for alarm, a clicking or catching jaw is still something to mention to your dentist.

Those who might be experiencing jaw pain or everyday difficulty with chewing may have options like braces or jaw surgery that their dentist will recommend to correct the abnormality. And remember that grinding or clenching your teeth can lend to these ill effects if continued.

Tooth or Jaw Injury

A lot of people love to be active, and sometimes that activity can expose us to injury, including tooth and jaw injuries. Whether it’s a chipped tooth, missing tooth, or more serious jaw break, a dentist you trust is always a great place to start.

Once the crisis has been dealt with, it’s just as important to keep checking back in so your dentist can mark your progress and watch for anything that should be corrected during the course of your healing or getting used to new hardware.

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Lost a Crown

You should see your dentist is if something they put into your mouth comes out, like a crown. If you lose a crown or a filling, make an appointment to get it replaced before tooth decay has a chance to start causing you pain. Some practices like can even handle these in same day treatments.

Those with braces or other improvement devices may also on occasion find they need a loose bracket replaced or wiring refitted. Waiting to address these issues can undo days, weeks, or even months of work that have already gone into correcting your teeth.

Mouth Sores

If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you know that any sort of mouth sore just isn’t fun. Getting ulcer-like mouth sores could mean you have a fungal or other infection.

Your dentist can help to diagnose the problem. They will direct you to the correct medications and oral procedures to fight it off.

Tooth Discoloration

If coffee and wine are some of your favorite things, you might be familiar with the tooth discoloration. Certain foods that come with too much consumption can cause this. Visiting the dentist may be a great chance to have those stains removed and your smile brightened.

Tooth discoloration can also be a symptom of an onset of tooth decay, like white spots on your teeth. Check with your dentist for advice on how to prevent this early on.

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