The Importance of HVAC Maintenance


As we approach the winter months and find ourselves settling in for winter, the one device in our homes that we stop thinking about is the air conditioning. Even though we expect a warmer winter, it is likely that our air conditioning needs will drop sharply as the cooler days start to settle in. It is only natural to stop thinking about a thing when it is no longer necessary, at least until it is again.

Given that, we would like to take a moment to remind you of the importance of air conditioning maintenance, and why you should view the winter as an opportunity to perform maintenance. Whether you do it yourself, or you go through as certified HVAC technician like Adams Air Conditioning, now is the time to look into those long neglected maintenance tasks – especially the tasks that require you to shut down the AC for a time.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Maximizes Air Conditioner Lifespan

Every machine needs maintenance – and air conditioners are no different. Maintenance tasks allow the machine to operate in peak condition for the duration of its life span. Good maintenance might even allow the equipment to go beyond its listed shelf life. Either way – the longer you are able to delay needing that inevitable replacement, the more bang you get for your proverbial buck.

Prevents Unexpected Shutdowns

As I’m sure you know – nothing ever breaks until it is the worst possible moment for it to break. An air conditioner will be perfectly functional throughout a mild winter but then choose to break on the hottest day of the summer. This leaves you in the sweltering heat while you wait for a technician to show up and fix the problem.

Regular maintenance spots potential issues early on, and is able to fix them before they develop into something more serious. Doing these maintenance checks now will let you identify the issues when a brief shutdown of your air conditioner is bearable. This means that where your less diligent neighbors are left in the heat, you are enjoying the climate controlled paradise of your own home.

Reduces Operating Costs

One of the biggest reasons to do routine maintenance is to cut down on operating costs. When an air conditioner is first shipped from the factory, it is designed to operate with the maximum possible efficiency based on the projected price point and available technologies. As time goes on, these parts inevitably break down. As these parts break, they become less efficient, less effective at doing the job they are tasked with doing. This raises your energy bills as the unit has to do more work to produce the same effect.

The best example of this is changing out your air filter. A clogged air filter reduces the amount of air the AC can suck in, meaning it takes longer and requires more energy to cool the same volume of air. This increases your power bill beyond the cost of a replacement filter.

Ultimately Improves Quality of Life

As a Florida resident, you understand the importance of your air conditioner for maximizing your quality of life. Without that AC, you probably could not survive here. Given its importance to dealing with the summer heat, routine air conditioning maintenance is a critical part regular household maintenance. As such, getting your air conditioner checked out and performing routine maintenance now is critical to your overall quality of life. Putting it off will just mean having to deal with the problem over summer – which, as we keep stressing, is when you need it the most. It is just like when preparing for a long trip with your car – best to get maintenance tasks done right before the trip than to put them off until afterwards.

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