Is Neutering going to Change My Dog?

Weather to neuter or not, is a popular topic for discussion among many dog owners. Since they love their dogs a lot, they do not want to harm them in any way. The word neutering alone makes dog owners question a lot of things regarding that procedure. And the most common question that pops into their heads is weather their dog is going to change its personality and behavior. And yes, there are some things that are going to change.


Decreased aggression could be one of the benefits of neutering. Male hormones, especially testosterone, are mostly responsible for dogs being aggressive towards each other. So, by removing these factors, male dogs lose their interest in females, and they do not see every other male as a rival. However, this is still not scientifically proved to be true, because dogs can fight over anything, not just potential partners.

Social skills
Neutered dogs may change their social behavior among other dogs. No one can tell for certain how your dog is going to behave among unneutered dogs, but by sensing their high testosterone level, your dog may become aggressive. On the other hand, your dog may even become shyer, because it could feel overpowered or endangered.

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One of the things that is most certainly going to change, and should change, is your pets diet. By removing their reproductive organs and by disrupting their hormones, dogs’ energy levels drop, as well as their appetite. This means that they are not going to need as much food as they needed before. Also, it is highly recommended to reduce and change your pet’s diet in order to avoid obesity and other health problems. So, after the surgery, your dog has to lower the caloric intake and eat only highly nutritive food. The best choice you can make for your dog’s diet is Royal Canin prescription food for neutered dogs, which will keep your pet healthy and balanced.

Another thing that is most likely going to change is all that inappropriate mounting that can make you feel embarrassed. By not having enough testosterone in its body, your dog will probably lose his sexual desires and will not mount people, other dogs or any inanimate objects. However, mounting that is only associated with sexual behavior is going to stop. Dogs can see mounting as a playful behavior or even as a way of making social contact.

If you are tired of your dog always wandering off somewhere and turning back after hours or even days, with neutering this will probably change. Dogs that are not neutered tend to get away from the house more often, since they are in search for females. This means that they could be in danger of getting lost or even killed. But, as neutered dogs lose their sexual needs, it is less likely that they will leave the house, which means they are perfectly safe.

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Focus and concentration
Neutering can be beneficial when it comes to training your dog. Your dog will be more focused on you, while you are giving him orders, instead on other dogs. Female dogs cannot distract neutered dogs from behaving well during training.

Other Health Changes
Besides the changes that can happen in your dog’s behavior, there are many health benefits of neutering. By removing reproductive organs of female dogs, you lower the chances of your dog getting cancer, infections and other disease that attack uterus. Also, you can prevent your dog from getting breast cancer. As far as male dogs are concerned, you are protecting them from getting testicular cancer or any other prostate problems. Basically, all the dangers of getting any of these diseases are lowered.
Neutering your pet can be a difficult decision, because there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. However, make sure to be well informed and to be able to provide your pet with best care and food, otherwise you can only make it harder for the two of you.

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