Brrr! Keeping Your Home Warm Over Christmas


It can often be hard to keep your home warm this time of year – but it’s essential to make sure that you stay happy and healthy. Here are nine handy tips to ensure that your home stays cozy, warm and comfortable over the festive season.


Stop Draughts Coming In


Make sure that you’ve sealed up all the cracks around your doors and windows so that you don’t get any draughts coming in. If you need to, you can make a home made draught excluder just as easily as buying one from a shop. The more you save on items like that, the less you’ll feel bad about spending money on your heating bill! Make sure that your home is fully insulated – roof insulation will also help to keep the heat in.


Cover Your Floorboards


You can lose up to 10% of your house’s warmth through exposed floorboards or through a concrete floor, so consider investing in a rug. It’ll keep your toes warm when you’re walking around and it’ll also help you cut down on your energy costs.


Use Your Curtains


During the day, make sure that your curtains are open. This will enable natural sunlight to enter your home and heat up your rooms! When it gets dark, ensure that you close them, so that heat won’t escape through them.


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Plug Your Fireplace


Your home will probably lose a lot of its heat through the fireplace if the flue is open – if you put your hand inside your chimney, you’ll probably feel a whole lot of cold air. Invest in a fireplace plug to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.


Use Bubble Wrap To Insulate Your Windows


Okay, so this might not be the prettiest thing to do. But if you don’t have double glazing then it’s an easy way to keep the heat inside your room instead of letting it flood outside through the thin glass. If you really hate the look of it, keep your blinds drawn during the day – but it’s better to be proud of your thrifty moneysaving ways!


Leave Doors Open


Obviously it isn’t a good idea to leave your front or back door open, and if you’re enjoying relaxing in your living room then you should keep the heat in there. But if you take a hot, steamy shower then you could consider leaving the door open to allow the heat to escape into the rest of your home. The same applies to your kitchen – if your oven’s on, leave the door open.


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Use Tin Foil


Stick a sheet of tin foil onto the wall behind your radiator. It’s a simple and old fashioned tip but a useful one too. It’ll reflect the heat from the radiator back into the room instead of allowing it to be absorbed into the wall.


Move Your Furniture


It may sound simple, but check out where your furniture is placed in your rooms. If it’s in front of radiators, it’s probably absorbing that heat instead of allowing it to warm the whole room up. Make sure the front of your radiator is open to the room.

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