Keeping Your House Clean in Winter Time

We tend to perform our house cleaning in spring, owing to the amount of energy it wakes up in us. However, seeing as how winter is the time of year when you spend most of your days at home. Dust, for example is consisted of dead human skin cells in large part, and during the coldest time of the year, the potentially harmful dust piles up and may cause health issues, in addition to your home looking unseemly. Furthermore, most of the Western Europe is a subject to snowy winters, so expect that you’ll have to deal not only the snow in your driveway, but muddy, grimy stains on your floors and carpets. In order to keep your house clean in wintertime, perhaps think about exercising few of the following ideas.House Clean

In addition to the already mentioned human dead skin issue, the dry and warm air causes even more dust issues in wintertime. Dusting your house’s surfaces from top to bottom will help keep the layers of dust at bay, but performing this task should be done quite frequently. Even the dust in secluded areas of your home can turn out a health hazard, so neglecting certain spots time and again is greatly advised against. These spots include ceiling fan blades, window molding tops, even things such as tops of books, refrigerators and TV sets. Your lighting fixtures are dust’s perfect hiding spots and it can render your indoor light gloomy and dingy, so make sure you keep these fresh and clean. When it comes to the air ducts, these are the single biggest threat, so make sure you have them professionally cleaned.

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Kitchen floors
This one might seem as a fairly obvious one, but we all know what happens in the kitchen. All the food and leftovers that transit through this room are bound to leave traces. These traces, such as crumbs for example, can lead you into the world of insect manifestation, which will not only scare the living hell out of your children, but also render your home a health hazard. Cockroaches and ants are benevolent in comparison to all the germs that can cause extremely dangerous bacterial infections. With this in mind, make sure you keep your kitchen surfaces sparkling at all times, especially during the winter.

Carpets and floors
Insects do not present threat only in your kitchen, especially if you have a couple of rug rats (pun intended) to look after. Children love to roll around the soft carpets and mites and bacteria, pests which simply love to take a vacation inside these carpets are no joke. Floors, on the other hand get especially filthy in wintertime. The weather conditions of the season dictate that your shoe soles will be wet, muddy and swarming with germs more often than not – go back living room to get the car keys that you’ve forgotten there a couple of times and voilà – you’ve got a muddy, stained carpet, full of creepy crawlers to worry about! This is why it is of utmost importance that you deep clean your carpets and floors, by steaming and scrubbing them, respectively. If you want to make sure you’ve done everything there is to do in order to keep your home clean, plan a bigger cleaning event and refer to rubbish removal Sydney. A word of advice: even though that gorgeous carpet pays perfect compliments to your antechamber, think about setting it aside for the sunnier, drier and altogether cleaner seasons.

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Keeping your house clean during the winter can turn out quite a drag, but once you’ve thought about all the risks of procrastinating and the benefits of frequent house cleanings, you’ll come to realize that tending to your home’s needs is a small price to pay for health and safety of those who inhabit it.

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