Kick Your Addictions With These Top Tips


Addictions are a terrible thing. They can take over and literally turn you into someone you’re not. But there are varying ways to beat them, some of which we can explore here. Addiction can somewhat weaken the immune system and hurt your body in a plethora of ways so the best thing you can do is kick whatever addiction you have. Here we explore how you can quit three key addictions.




Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to mankind, which is damaging in many ways. However, the main damage comes through the way of application, smoking. It can damage your lungs, create all kinds of cancer, ruin your skin, and just make you smell awful. It truly is a huge health risk not only to yourself but to others around you. There are various ways to quit, you can go total cold turkey and stop. It’s one of the toughest ways to quit but gets the nicotine out of your system sharpish. If you enjoy the addiction too much to quit you can turn to vaping, an apparently healthier option. Alternately you can use a nicotine patch, which releases the drug slowly into your system over the day, or tablets which give you a quick hit. You can even use small white sticks called inhalers. By breathing through one you can get a fix of nicotine and it simulates holding a cigarette.


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Drugs And Alcohol


These, again, are both dangerous. Alcohol can be enjoyed by many as a part of a balanced lifestyle, but when it is abused it can be extremely dangerous as your body begins to rely on the alcohol. It can be dangerous for the liver and stomach, and begin to harm your heart too. Drugs are quite similar, the huge swathe of different drugs out there can harm you in differing ways, from destroying the brain to rotting all of your teeth. Both alcohol and drug addiction can result in death and can be harder to quit that nicotine due to the illegal nature of drugs and the lack of alcohol quitting products on the market. As such, one of the best ways to quit can be by embarking upon a residential recovery process from alcohol and drug use. The access to professionals can really help give you that expertise and being with other addicts can help the process.



Obesity is increasing. Food addiction is a serious problem and few even know of its existence. It is essentially becoming addicted to things like sugar, salt and fat, which leads individuals to consume heavy amounts of bad food and sugary drinks. The result is excessive weight gain, potential diabetes and heart issues. It can be tough to kick the habit, because we all have to eat. So using a regulated diet and exercise program can help whilst slowly weaning yourself off of the bad food, meaning you gradually crave it less. It can be a problem in children too, and as parents people need to take responsibility. If you really have a bad problem then maybe a nutritionist can help by prescribing certain courses of eating.

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