Budget-Friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Kids partyWhen we were growing up kids’ parties were much simpler and cheaper than today, but we still had loads of fun. Nowadays when parents compete over who is going to throw the most expensive party, they forget what matters is that children are made entertained and happy. This can certainly be achieved without any headache-causing expenses. The only thing it needs is a little effort and planning that you would spend anyway if you decided to organize a party in some expensive venue. Here’s how to make kids happy while staying in a pocket-friendly zone.

Budget-friendly menus.

party food
Parties and birthdays are kids’ chance to load up their stomach with all the sweet stuff they are usually limited to. One of the things that don’t cost much and that all children love is ice cream. If you’re planning a party in summer, pick up some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream tubs and combine them with crumbled cookies on top. Another thing: sandwiches. The idea may sound ordinary but you can make it more fun by cutting the bread in different shapes. Fill them with jam; it’s a sweet and low cost option. Of course, don’t forget pizza – an affordable solution that’s always a hit on any children party.

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Costume party.

Costume party
This is a great way to make kids entertained without spending too many bucks. It’s really easy to find great affordable costumes online for children or you can even let them create their own costume masks. It’ll be fun for them and good for you because it will keep their attention, plus make them do something creative. Bring it to a new level by organizing a theme party. Kids can all be dressed in rainbow colors and you can make rainbow cake by using food coloring. Decorate everything in this manner and the party is sure to be a success.

A mess – children love it.
This one is the easiest, just let kids do what they know best – make a mess! It’s super fun for them and easy to organize for you. Just prepare water and towels for a clean-up after they have finished with the games. One of the ideas is to let them make their own dough, just place bowls of flour and water around and let the kids’ imagination flow. A Silly String war is another option. You may have to clean up a lot after, but that’s the price of getting ‘the coolest mom’ tag.

Craft/DIY ideas.

party decoration
You can start off by making your own party decorations. Think about balloons, candies, ribbons and give your kid a chance to be creative by helping you set it all up. Girls love making kids jewelry so get some colorful beads, glue and other supplies to keep them creative. It will also give them something to bring home with them. You can get more serious with teenage girls by teaching them decoupage. For boys, there are always cardboard boxes and markers option. They can make monsters or robots using only these simple items.

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You don’t have to buy children’s happiness. Expensive entertainment isn’t really the best option and it’s good not to get your kids use to it. By pulling out these few simple tricks you’ll win the game because your kid’s party will be affordable without losing the fun component.

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