LA Guide: Here’s what to do in the City of Angels all throughout 2015!

If you are living in LA then you are probably already familiar with some of the stock events going on each year. Yet, luckily for anyone seeking excitement, LA gives you such a thrill with each new month, it’s unbelievable!

LA is probably even more fun for all those who have just moved there or simply visiting in a particular month.

To spare you the headache of having to book events or abruptly decide on going here or there, we’ve made a schedule of events that will help you big time!
Since we are already in the month of April, it’s probably best we start there.LA Guide

April, 2015
LA BEER FEST is the place you want to be at on April 2. The day is Saturday, so you need not worry about being hangover for work or classes. Gather your friends, drink the beer, dance to all the amazing bands that are set to play and enjoy your time!

BASEBALL is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love it then LA’s giving you the opportunity to enjoy it, too. April 6 (Monday) features Dodgers opening day, so you better get excited about it!

Woot, woot! COACHELLA WEEKEND 1 AND 2 are probably the most electrifying parts of month of April. They are scheduled for April 10-12 ( C-1) and April 17-19 (C-2). Now is probably the time to start setting up that tent, booking a hotel room or renting a house. It’s such an awesome thrill!

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May, 2015

HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETARY is the place that you’ll be at on Saturday, May 9. Although the date isn’t 100% set, you know you’ll want to go whichever weekend we are talking about. Cinespia’s cemetery screenings are one of the best things about Hollywood.

Sometime early May begin Barnsdall Art Park Wine Tasting. Don’t tell us you are not going because we know that would be a lie!

June, 2015

June is almost certainly the busiest part of the year.

GREAT HORROR CAMPOUT is going to be set for just a day, June 5-6 so get ready to be touched by the horrific monsters!

If you are a fan of films, which you probably are like any other living and breathing youngster, you’ll visit LA FILM FESTIVAL, set for June, 10-18. We still haven’t got all the details on the lineup but the past has been known for including Oscar winners, little seen indie gems and some great action pics. Fun!

Are you a nerd? Are you?! Well, if you are get ready to be blown away! June 16-18 is the E3 event, which means releasing of all the new video games! This and various other nerd-type stuff will keep you upbeat through days. Oh and – let’s not forget about the sick parties you’ll be attending!

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Get ready for some food ‘cause June 27 is when you attend LA Street Food Fest! This annual truck-and-cart event is a great chance to enjoy LA made food from local experts or cooks who have come to LA to present their culinary trickeries. Don’t forget to wear stretchy pants.

July, 2015
So, basically, the one Wednesday of July is when you get ready for a wild party, and literally wild – this is a so called RORARING NIGHTS fest where DJs and rock bands play amid the animals of the LA Zoo. Believe it or not it’s a yearly event everybody simply adores!

August, 2015
August is all about food, wine and music. The dates are still unofficial, so just block out, like, the whole month until we’ve got some actual data.

September, 2015
Food again! LA TIMES’ THE TASTE FESTIVAL is with no excuse the reason to stay in LA over Labor Day weekend. Don’t question it. Just stay and you’ll see.

September is the month of all those mazes and haunted houses in LA. If you missed it last year or haven’t had to chance to ever go but heard about it – it’s even better than they say it is. Don’t miss out on your ghost experience! Ohhh, getting all spooked up, are you!?

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Give me an “A” for Angels! For all the lovers of sports, thrilling Angels vs Dodgers game is scheduled to take place in September at Angel Stadium Anaheim and we hope the guys will rock. You have to be there for support, no questions asked. So make sure to get your ticket on time!
October, 2015
October 31 is when you go to the famous HALLOWEEN CARNAVAL at Santa Monica Blvd – the largest Halloween street party in the world! You can expect fantastic live entertainment and food vendors.

November, 2015
DIA DE LOS MUERTOS will freak you out, in an awesome way though. It’s scheduled for November 1 and it’s pretty much the continuation of Halloween, with people paining their faces and celebrating the Day of the Dead.

December, 2015
It’s Chriisttmaaas, be happy about it! You’ll particularly enjoy seeing Christmas tree light up Downtown!

Well, you’ve hopefully memorized what’s when so you can enjoy your way all throughout 2015! If not, you can always use our blog for updates, it’s cool.

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