Landscape Designs that are Charming and Practical


Whether you are renting or own your own home, there are ways to enhance both the beauty and functionality of your yard. From simply growing a garden to adding stunning pergolas to the backyard, the value of your home can most often benefit from a landscape design refresher. Here are four ways that your yard can be improved in both looks and function. 

Adding a Produce Garden

There are many types of gardens that would be great additions to any home: nature garden, flower garden, produce garden, etc. There is little wonder why a produce garden would benefit your home, in terms of functionality. A garden can provide an array of homegrown, delicious produce at very little cost to you. Produce gardens can be grown in raised garden beds, or grown straight into your yard by tilling and making sure the soil quality is promising. Here are a few tips for starting your first produce garden:

  • Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to grow 10 different vegetables. Start your garden with a few favorites, and add more next year if you are comfortable. Garden plots can also be smaller than most would expect. A 5-foot by 7-foot garden plot is large enough to grow four or five different vegetables! 
  • Don’t buy seeds. If it is your first time gardening, don’t make it harder by trying to grow a plant from scratch. Buying vegetables that have already begun growing in a store will be more manageable your first-time around. 
  • Use raised beds. Raised garden beds will ensure quality soil and keep weeds from growing in your garden. Raised beds should be no wider than 4 feet so that you can reach the center with your hand. 

Tree Placement

Believe it or not, the location of trees in your yard can have a big impact on both the functionality of the yard, as well as the aesthetics. If you live in a close-knit neighborhood with back and/or side yard neighbors, trees can help make your yard more private. Trees also do well to add shade when placed on the east and west sides of a yard. As far as aesthetics, your front yard will benefit by removing any large trees from in front of your house, and instead of adding a few small trees. 

Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting to your yard has many basic functions, but can also add an upscale look to your home. Lights can be added to flower beds, built-in walkways, or simply added to the side of your drive-way leading up to your front door. Some of the functional purposes of adding landscape lighting to your home include:

  • Nighttime appearance. Well-placed lights can light up parts of your home that enhances its beauty at night.
  • Home security. Adding lights to your front yard will make your home less of a target to burglaries. 
  • Safety. Having lit walkways in your front and backyard will help keep people safe from tripping or running into things in the dark.

Building a Pergola

In the right setting, backyard pergolas are nothing short of stunning. They serve as a beautiful space to gather for social occasions, but they also serve other functions that might surprise you. Plants that grow on vines love the support that a pergola can provide, and they look great with plants growing on them. Pergolas also help define the space in your yard by adding dimension; they help space feel open, despite their wide structure. Lastly, pergolas can provide shade; they may not seem like it with their spaced-out beams, but each beam is slanted at an angle that can help provide a little extra shade when the sun is beating down.

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