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Doing laundry is one of those never-ending chores. My least favorite thing about doing laundry is that no matter how much laundry we do in a day when we get to change into my pajamas for the night, there’s more new laundry to do. Doing laundry in college is even less enjoyable. With having to haul everything to the laundromat and rounding up all the quarters, laundry day seems like an all-day affair sometimes. The need to do laundry is never going to go away, but here are 5 laundry hacks that can make doing laundry easier.

Hack One: Fight Wrinkles

Wrinkled clothing is annoying and looks unprofessional, which is why this is our first laundry hack. But sometimes, there just isn’t time to pull out the iron and ironing board. There are a few different ways you can try to de-wrinkle clothes. If your dryer doesn’t have a steam refresh cycle, try adding a few ice cubes to the dryer. The ice cubes will turn to steam and help smooth out those pesky wrinkles. If you don’t have access to a dryer or don’t want to have to pay for another cycle, try using a hair flat iron to iron out the wrinkles. 

Hack Two: Free Laundry

A few loads of laundry at the laundromat can start to add up. The best way to do laundry in college is to take that dirty laundry home. Nothing beats a few free cycles in the washer and dryer. Not everyone lives close enough to home to take advantage of this, but if you are lucky you could find an apartment complex like Sunrise Village Apartments that offers free laundry. It’s much more enjoyable to do laundry when you aren’t thinking about how that $3.50 could have been spent on a milkshake.

Hack Three: Missing Socks

The case of the missing sock is one that everyone is familiar with. Every time I do laundry I seem to lose at least one sock. Did I drop it while carrying my laundry home? Did the dryer eat it? The world may never know. Instead of dealing with losing that sock, use a mesh laundry bag to wash your socks in. Throughout the week put all your dirty socks in the bag, and stick the bag in with a load of laundry. When your laundry is done, all your socks will be nice and clean and none will be missing.

Hack Four: Don’t Dry Everything

It’s a heartbreaking day when your favorite must-be-air-dried-top meets its end in the dryer. It can be hard to keep track of what clothes you need to take out of the washer before you move the load to the dryer. Bring a dry-erase marker and write on the washing machine what clothes can’t be dried. As you move the load from the washer to dryer, you’ll have a very visible reminder. Never shrink those delicate tops again. 

Hack Five: Speed Up Drying Time

Nothing is more frustrating than opening the dryer to find your clothes still damp. Sure you can just run the dryer a second time, but this is a pain and if you’re at the laundromat you’ll need more quarters. You can add a clean dry towel to the dryer to speed up drying time. The towel will help wick up extra moisture and cut down drying time.

Laundry may never be your favorite past time, but these hacks can make laundry day less frustrating. So tackle washing your laundry like a pro and enjoy watching some TV while you fold all those freshly cleaned clothes.

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