Live Well And Be Happy: Interiors Tips To Improve Your Health


When we’re looking at improving our general health and wellness, we often focus more on our diet and exercise than on our surroundings. Although doing things like cutting down on sugar and taking the stairs more often are, of course, very beneficial, we shouldn’t underestimate the effect that our homes have on our health. Here are some tips on how to create a healthy home.

Create Atmospheres In Each Room

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Never underrate the effect that your décor has on you. If you’re a student or you work from home, try to make your workspace an invigorating and inspirational place to be. Keep your desk tidy, but create an inspiration board in front of you. Figure out what suits you – if your job or studies are creative, you could pin art postcards on there, but you might prefer some motivational quotations or photos of your family to remind you what’s really important in life. Keep your bedroom calm and serene – invest in good quality bedding and a good pillow to help you sleep well. Make sure your bedroom isn’t cluttered – a lack of mess will help you sleep better at night.


Invest In Good Quality Furniture


If you spend a lot of time working at a desk, a good desk chair will help you solve any problems with your neck and back. If it isn’t possible to purchase a new one, you could look into buying an orthopaedic seat cushion instead. Use magazines or a laptop stand to make sure your computer’s at a good angle so you can easily view the screen without bending over. If you’re still having back problems, take a look at shiatsu chairs. A home massage chair will sort out any aches in your back without having to fork out money long term to go to massage therapists. If you can, you should use your home to practise yoga, which is good for both the body and mind – ensure that you have a space big enough to roll out a yoga mat on your floor.


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Take A Look At Feng Shui


Have you ever researched the Chinese philosophy of wellbeing known as feng shui? Its purpose is to help people feel as close to their environments as possible to improve their health. You can add some feng shui tips to your home by improving the quality of the air within – open windows to allow air to move through and add some green leafy plants that will both purify the air and provide natural decorations for visitors to admire. Create positive energy by going round your home and fixing any problems – rehook your shower curtain, oil the creaky hinges on your entry door, repaint any cracked surfaces. Add a small fountain near the entrance of your home – the sound of the rippling water will be calming and serene, and feng shui principles say that this should allow wealth to flood into your home. Cover up the TV in your bedroom – not only will it look more attractive if you throw a pretty scarf or throw over it, but it will also help you sleep better. Even in standby mode, a lot of electronical appliances have small red lights that can keep you awake at night.

Good luck with making your home a more serene and healthy place!

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