Low-Budget Decorating – Create a vintage style bedroom

Vintage is “in” this season and having a cozy vintage style bedroom can be ideal. However, vintage can be very expensive so if you want to create a stunning vintage style bedroom on a budget you have to be creative. Firstly mix matching is a great way to create a vintage shabby chic look. Soft colors delicate patterns and textured fabrics are everything a vintage style bedroom is about. So if you are thinking of painting your walls then opt for a soft and delicate color you don’t have to stick to beige if you don’t want to though.

vinage bedroomRoom accessories
There is a lot of items who can fit perfectly into your vintage style rooms. Wall hooks, decorative cushions, armchairs, old restored furniture and so on. Wall hooks are a must have item for any home, whether you’re wanting to create more space in your wardrobes and cupboards or just be able to make your home seem a bit tidier, and above all it looks so nice. You finally have a place to hang your towels, bathrobe and pajama. Save your precious cupboard space and invest in some wall mounted coat hooks. Your larger hooks are perfect for hanging coats and robes out of the way and really do improve your wardrobe space.

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Decorative cushions are a great addition to any vintage themed room and a little goes a long way. Adding patchwork, colorful or flower scatter cushions to any seating area in your home enhances your room. Also these thick comfortable cushions will provide a relaxing feeling, whether you sleep, nap or read your favorite book.

Do not dispose of your old armchair, change her old upholstery, paint her into some muted color and will perfectly fit in your bedroom. If you don’t have armchairs, and you know someone that has a rocking chair and he does not need it, ask them to sell you. Place it into one corner next to wooden basket with books and newspapers, it will look so cute. Colorize your old wooden coffin in a gray – white color, and place it in front of your bed, decorate it a beautiful hand – knitted lace to and whoever enters your room will be surprised by your artistic abilities.

Light and lamps
Good choice of lamps or chandelier will make your room to look lighter, bigger and way more pleasant to stay in.

Well lighted room will further enhance your nice furniture, and the overall environment. A wall – mounted lamp requires some extra electrical work but is ideal if you need to fill a room with light. Wall – mounted lights can be used to illuminate bedroom enough to create romantic atmosphere. Table lamps work well if you are looking for something to accessorize an end table, desk, or nightstand. They’ll add a pop of color as well as task lighting. Most table lamps feature one of two basic shade styles. Typically use rounded overhanging shades to direct light downward, and these make the perfect bedside companion for reading. If you’re using a lamp to light an entire room, you’re better off using top – mounted shades that direct the light upward. Smaller accent lamps – which are often in the shapes of flowers or critters – can sit on a desk, sideboard, or bookshelf to provide a bit of style and just a touch of illumination. Use one trick who will fit nicely with light effects, and that trick is mirror. Place it on the opposite side of the wall – mounted lamp and it will add more beautiful reflections. Also A collection of vintage mirrors creates an elegant and sophisticated display on a bedroom wall. Group similar shapes, frame colors or materials, or a grouping in a particular style.

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Budget vintage bedroomWalls, curtains and environment

You need to use all details to make your bedroom perfect. A good part of the continent makes walls, floor and curtains. Paint your walls in shades of white, light blue or green, to express altogether spontaneity and beauty. Try to find a similar color as the wall for your floors. Place some nice rug in the middle of the room to complete your magic. Curtains can make a room look amazing and are not just for windows – use them as room dividers, cupboards doors and as bed canopies. You can put different type of curtains. Add curtains to a bed canopy for a romantic look. For a more styled look wrap them and swag around the canopy rather than have them just hanging which can feel slightly claustrophobic. In the other hand you can put semi-transparent manmade materials or silk curtain, which looks really elegant.

When planning a rearrangement or create entirely new room in vintage style, use your imagination, create an outstanding unit, plan all in your head and you will be able to achieve that. Your family and you will love your unique masterpiece.

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