Make Your Face Young Again


With all the work and everyday stress that each of us has to deal with, it can be hard to lead a happy and healthy life all the time. Sooner or later that sort of stuff can start showing on your face and at that point, you will have to make some changes and really give your face some breathing space. While this may sound like a complicated task, here are some simple ideas that can really help you to turn back the time on your face and allow it to rejuvenate itself.


By far the most important part of keeping your face look young and healthy is to keep it clean. Work, environment, everyday stress and many other things can really force you to forget about washing up and properly cleaning your face. Making sure that you properly clean your face during the day and before you go to sleep is extremely important and especially true if you wear a lot of makeup.


As mentioned above, makeup can become a really big issue for most people with sensitive skin or for those who have it on for extended periods of time. While having a healthy young face doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of all your makeup and change your style, letting your face breathe from time to time is extremely important. This means that it is not simply enough to put on the makeup in the morning and remove it in the evening. The best would be to give it a break for an hour or two at least in the middle of the day and apply it again if needed. Try to avoid having makeup on at any given time during the day.

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Good Sleep

Proper sleep is extremely important and you should try to sleep between seven to ten hours a day if possible. This will give your skin time to relax and recover. When you are awake, you tend to make grimaces, whether you know it or not. Every sort of grimace is done by moving your face muscles. Their movement creases the skin at the same places and that creates wrinkles. Sleeping means that your face is relaxed and that skin has the time to iron out the creases.

Make Your Face Young AgainDead Skin

The fastest way to keep your skin regenerating is to remove the layer of dead skin from your face as this will really allow your face to shine once more. Exfoliating is a good way to get this done and glycolic acid and lactic acid are great tools for this. By removing the dead skin, your fresh skin will regenerate a lot faster. Have in mind that this is not something that you want to do all the time. Your skin has its natural mechanisms of doing this for you and you should not inhibit them. If you do that, you will get a reversed, fast-aging effect.


Stop smoking. Not only will this save you a huge amount of money but at the same time, it will finally remove a massive source of poison from your body. Few things in life will affect your face in the same manner that smoking does. Wrinkles and cancer are good reasons to give up smoking. Apart from saving your budget, ridding you of that awful smell and letting you live longer, getting rid of smoking will also allow your face to recover and get rid of a lot of toxins that it had to deal with. In other words, your face will look younger.

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Collagen production can be increased in all kinds of different ways. Collagen is needed because it makes your skin more elastic and that reduces wrinkles and gives it overall healthy, young glow. One of the cheapest and simplest ones is by massage. By massaging your face you can not only increase the collagen production and therefore make your face look better but also relax your face muscles and really reduce the number of wrinkles that may show up as you grow older. Massage will also get the blood flow to increase and that will speed up all the rejuvenating processes.


Your face and your skin, in general, are the best showcase of your diet. Skip the junk food from time to time or get rid of it entirely. Eating fruit, and especially fruit that is rich in antioxidant agents will help you to keep your skin looking great and young again. It will also help you out with the overall health as well. Antioxidants are the chemicals that fight off the toxins and give your face a young and healthy look.


Collagen is one of the most important factors in keeping your face looking young and healthy. And one of the most important things that help the production and proper regulation of collagen is vitamin C. Make sure that you take in a lot of vitamin C from the various fruits, supplements, and natural drinks and your face will look great.

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Plastic Surgery

If all kinds of different natural ways fail, you can always turn to plastic surgery to help you out. Plastic surgery today has advanced a lot and you can get all kinds of services that will turn the time on your face and make you look young again. Things like liposuction or the latest surgical facelift techniques can significantly help you out and make you look great. With fat transfer, you can make your face look plump and fill it up in places where you need more volume. Popular, yet simple procedures like Botox injections can really help you out with getting rid of wrinkles and make your face look young again. There are plenty of different things that you can try out if you want results fast.

With these tips to help you out, you can be sure that your face will look great in no time. While there are plenty of different, usually expensive solutions that can help you out, eating healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle is usually the best way to keep your face healthy and make the time work for you. However, always remember that the best source of beauty is from inside and if you smile a lot and radiate happiness, nobody will take the time to count your wrinkles.

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