Making your Small Bathroom Visually Appealing


The biggest issue with small bathrooms is that they are usually ugly. Now, I am not critiquing owners of such bathrooms. Instead, I am just pointing out the fact that it is really hard to decorate this space making it visually appealing.

The problem appears due to the fact that we need so many hygienic and beauty products. As it turns out, it makes most sense to keep them in the bathroom. Truth be told, this problem can be avoided simply by changing our habits and relocating some of these items. In fact, US citizens can even feel lucky. Imagine Europe where most people have washing machines within bathroom on top of all the other stuff?

Anyway, there are some tricks that can be used to turn things around and make your bathroom appealing.  


  • Planning is the key


No matter what you do with your bathroom, it is necessary to be realistic. Planning as a phase determines the outcome of your designing process. Whether you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, make sure to get just the right items. Smaller bathrooms require smaller items. Do not go overboard by getting things which you like. Get items that will fit.


  • Reduce potential uses
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Focus on the fact that bathroom primarily serves as a room where you can perform all your hygienic needs. All the items and hardware should revolve around this fact. Avoid purchasing medical cupboard or basket for towels. Whenever you can, remove the items and place them somewhere else. We usually store excess soaps and shampoos inside of the bathroom. This is another thing which needs to be avoided. Instead, you can place them in a storage room. In the end, as you start reducing number of products, your bathroom will start looking better and more spacious.


  • Utilize upper and lower regions of the bathroom


When we step into a room, we usually see thing which are on the same level as our eyes. In most cases, we neglect anything that is out of our visual field. As a result, we oftentimes do not even notice things which are above or below this line. Even though this trick will not make your bathroom more beautiful per se, it is a nifty trick that will avert attention.


  • Use bright colors


White is a great color for your bathroom. It absorbs sunlight and creates feeling of emptiness. This is precisely why movie creators use it more than black to represent infinite space.  White is the color which is also very simple. Person entering your bathroom is more likely to pay attention to complex tiles. With it, he will soon notice the dimensions of the room.


  • Add a window
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There is no better way to create feeling of comfort and spaciousness than connecting a small interior space with vast outside environment. Windows are just the things that help connect these two. No matter what, your room will still remain small, but by installing a window, you are provoking an emotional reaction that will suppress logical thinking.


  • Create a focal point


An even better way of distracting visitor is by focusing on one piece. This can be done with a bathtub, cabinet, cupboard or mirror. Furthermore, you are able to do this even if an item is part of a set. If you simply add some more details to an item, such as intricate frame for a mirror or if you place fake flowers on top of a cupboard, you are able to attract the attention of a viewer. This way, you will not interfere with the general layout nor will you change any hardware. You will simply create a small distraction making one particular object unique.


  • Remove all chemical products and cloth


Many people prefer putting chemical products and various bins, baskets and containers in their bathrooms. Sometimes, when we clean our home, we prefer putting wet cloth in these containers. We see this as a smart practice given that bathrooms are always full of moist and additional wet items will not harm them. Although this is logical, this practice takes additional space. If you need to dry your things somewhere, better put them outside, on your terrace or a porch.

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