Why Are So Many Home Buyers Ditching “Character Properties” For New Builds?


Many home buyers claim that they want a home with “character”, but more often than not they just end up with a house that is old – with all the associated issues that it brings. For this reason, many more people are investigating whether a new build is something that is for them. Here is why home buyers prefer new homes to used.


Design Your Home Your Way


In the past, the vast majority of homes were built to a fixed specification to keep costs down. But as technology has progressed and people have gotten richer, this has changed. Now home builders are building homes, on demand, to their customers’ specifications. Buyers get to select things like what type of carpets they’d like, which appliances they want installed and what style of countertops they need. Some builders will even let buyers configure the floorplans of their new builds, offering a level of customization that just isn’t available on the regular, used house market.


It’s Under Warranty


Old homes don’t come with a warranty. If there’s a problem, you, as the owner, are liable to pay for it. But new homes aren’t like that: because they’re new, they often come with a warranty, meaning that you get the same peace of mind that you would if you were buying a new electronics product. Appliances, water heaters and even the roof are often covered, helping you to avoid paying big bills down the road.


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They Are Low-Maintenance


Have you noticed that modern cars are a lot less work than cars of the past? In the past, cars needed to be serviced much more regularly, and they died after 60,000 miles, rather than 120,000. The same applies to our homes. Modern homes aren’t built according to paper drawing using old materials. Instead, they’re designed to be robust on computers, and they make use of the latest materials, meaning that they’re actually a lot more robust against things like damp. Each component of the house is meticulously engineered to be as strong and as disaster-proof as possible.


New Homes Are High-Tech


We love technology in our homes. But what if our homes were pieces of technology in themselves? Older homes can be retrofit to some degree to take advantage of new technology, like Amazon’s Alexa smart home control system that operates over WiFi. But there are limits to these systems. New builds, on the other hand, can incorporate modern technology into the very fabric of the home itself. For starters, they can be constructed with high ceilings and the latest appliances and gadgets pre-installed in the kitchen and the bathroom. They also come with today’s high-performance windows which add extra insulation during the winter.


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Community Planning


Social engineers in the past made some big mistakes when it came to housing. They thought that if you crammed people into high-rise buildings that healthy communities would naturally arise. How wrong they were.


New builds, however, take the science of community building a lot more seriously. Communities are based on things like hiking trails, open lands, new schools, shopping centre and clubhouses. In other words, the community is often better in areas with lots of new houses than elsewhere.

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