7 Important Ways Getting a Massage Can Improve Your Health

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It’s common knowledge that indulging in a spa day can be a nice way to treat yourself, but did you know that getting a massage can have benefits that go far beyond feeling pampered? In fact, science suggests that it can offer great benefits to your health. If done correctly, massage can even be incorporated seamlessly into your general healthcare routine. If you’re interested in exploring the ways that massage might improve your health, but you aren’t sure what to look for in a massage therapist, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make sure you get the most out of your massage.

Ask Your Friends

Word of mouth is a good way to get the ball rolling on looking for a massage provider that will give you a good experience. Ask the people you know and trust if any of them have a recommendation for you.

Look for Certified Professionals

Make sure that your massage therapist is a trained and licensed professional. Because they will be working with your body in ways that could do damage if done incorrectly, it’s important that they know what they’re doing.

Quality Equipment

You can request a tour of a facility before booking your appointment to ensure that it’s clean and suitable to your needs. Massage therapists should provide a soothing atmosphere for their guests and should always keep their facilities clean and stocked with quality equipment to include massage beds and tools.

Another important factor to consider when looking for a massage therapist is that providers often specialize in different techniques. Different techniques can help improve health in various ways.

Reduce Stress

Studies show that massage techniques like trigger point therapy can help to reduce general stress levels. This technique involves the stimulation of tender areas in your body with a light application of pressure. These types of massage techniques have been shown to cause reductions in blood pressure and heart rate as well as improved mood and stress levels.

Manage Anxiety

A good massage can help manage anxiety with results not unlike those that can be achieved with psychotherapy. Anxiety can also cause physical pain by adding to a buildup of tension in places like your neck and shoulders. Message therapy is a great way to break up that tension and treat the symptoms of anxiety. This leads to a better sense of well-being.

Relieve Pain

Massage can help to alleviate general pain in the body. Massage triggers the release of endorphins that help to naturally ease the sensation of pain. During pregnancy, for example, safe prenatal massage techniques like Shiatsu can help to relieve back pain. Shiatsu works in the same way as acupuncture. It stimulates pressure points to support your body’s strength and healing.

Get Better Sleep

A lack of good quality sleep can contribute to medical conditions like diabetes and depression. Deep tissue massage, which involves using strong pressure applied in long strokes to reach deeper muscles, is an excellent technique to help your body relax and prepare for sleep. Massage therapy helps you by reducing stress levels, improving pain, and supporting the production of melatonin in your body for a better night’s sleep.

Treat Depression

If you suffer from depression, it’s extremely important that you seek help from a mental health professional. That being said, self-care techniques like regular massage can be an excellent tool for those managing the symptoms of depression. Studies show that massage helps your body produce hormones like oxytocin that help to make you feel happy.

Boost Fitness

Massage can reduce the likelihood of injury, improve overall performance and increase the speed of post-workout recovery in similar ways to stretching. A great option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is the Active Release Technique. It involves your massage professional feeling for areas of tension and applying pressure to help relieve problem areas. This type of massage is also suitable to help recover from sports-related injuries.

Pampering yourself is nice, but caring for your health is essential. Talk to a professional to get more information. Massage therapy can help you to find your way to a happier and healthier life

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