How Are Millennial Home Design Trends Changing in 2018?

Millennials. While this word might strike up controversy in some situations, it inspires daring and new ideas in others. And one of those is home design. From pattern-on-pattern to millennial pink, this generation of homeowners and home decorators has fundamentally changed the way we look at home decor. As a result, millennial home design trends are the ones to watch.

And they’re not done yet, either! In fact, 2018 may hold the most interior design promise yet. Let’s take a look at what millennials are bringing into their living spaces in the new year.

Natural Materials and Finishes

Gone are the days of sleek and shiny throughout a home. Now, in the same way that homeowners are bringing the indoors outdoors, they’re bringing more natural materials into the home as well. In 2018, it’s all natural or bust. And not only are millennials incorporating natural elements, they’re making a point to source these items locally. For example, if a homeowner wants a stone walkway or floor, the materials may be sourced from a local quarry. A few other things to keep in mind when keeping it natural include:

  • Reclaimed Wood – Bits of reclaimed wood can serve as statement pieces, artwork, and in some cases, major design elements in a home. Large pieces like repurposed barn doors have been used more and more frequently to both connect and separate spaces in millennial homes.
  • Long-Lasting Looks – Above all else, a natural element should provide a lasting look for a space. For example, a natural stone wall or floor may hold both style and functionality far longer than a newly manufactured counterpart.
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Tile and Color

The more you look at millennial homes, the more you’ll notice small stylistic preferences. Two of the biggest lie in the kitchen: tile and color. Almost 34% of Americans visit casual dining establishments once per week, so why not bring a little bit of that style into the kitchen? Here are two ways millennial homeowners are displaying this trend in their kitchens:

  • Statement Appliances – From standing mixers to microwaves, a pop of color is all it takes to make an appliance stand out from the crowd. Millennial homeowners decorate with items that they relate to. So a matching set of sea foam green counter appliances is right up that alley!
  • Subway Tiles – When it comes to reliability, subway tile takes the cake. But whether it’s backsplash or flooring, tile is in.

Eco-Friendly Items

Eco-friendliness has become one of the top home decor trends in the last few years, and not just for millennials! More sustainable materials, styles, and even fixtures have made their way into the mainstream market. And considering that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates homeowners can save up to $501 annually with certain qualified windows, it’s safe to say this trend is a cost-effective one, too.

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Why should designers care?

According to a 2017 Abbyson Living seminar, millennials have an estimated $170 billion in purchasing power annually and account for over 30% of home furnishing purchases. Bobby Berk, a speaker at Abbyson’s seminar, reminded attendees that millennial-facing designers must truly showcase the value behind their work. He stressed that designers should think beyond simply showcasing products and begin emphasizing the benefits of the skill sets they bring to the table. It’s a personal process because millennials value that unique, personalized space they can call their own.

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