Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Almost every girl has had an idea about her ideal wedding since she was a little girl. Dressing up as a princess, walking down the aisle with her Ken, flowers everywhere, her favorite jazz band playing while they both say their “I Dos”… the reception would then last for hours and everybody would have an amazing time. But then, we all grow up and realize that life expenses are enormous and throwing a wedding that even closely resembles our initial idea would cost an arm and a leg.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean giving up on throwing an amazing party after all. If I told you that having a great wedding reception is possible with a little money, would you believe me? Well, read through these advice’s and you’ll see how easy it is to have your dream wedding with just a bit of smart planning!

WeddingThe plan, the budget, the idea

To get anywhere with your wedding, you need to make a plan, and a realistic one. Forget about all wishful thinking and potential outcomes. Forget about up in the air moments you hope will realize in your advantage. Leave that all aside and focus on what’s real and at your disposal.

Be realistic on:
1) What your ACTUAL budget is
2) How many people you WANT to invite
3) What sort of wedding extravaganza you can live without (chocolate/ice fountains/sculptures, several performers, the most expensive band there is, 15 wedding cakes, etc)

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I know it’s hard on the heart to cut down on things you once hoped to have but you need to remember you are celebrating the day of becoming your hubby’s wife and that’s what’s important. You want to remember your husband’s smile and the love in his eyes rather than your guests praising that rabbit stew you had made by top chefs in the country.

The venue
Even though you’ve probably got your eye set on the most expensive venue in the catalogue, you need to be realistic and understand it simply is out of your price range. Not to worry! If you want to make your wedding a small, cozy and personal adventure with all of your dearest friends gathered, you can go full personal. Instead of paying for the venue, opt for your yard for the reception. If your yard isn’t big enough or you live in a flat, ask one of your friends for a favor. You’ll see they’ll be more than happy to help out – this can even be their wedding gift to you! If this isn’t your cup of tea, look for a venue can afford – never go for something you’ll go into debt just so you can rent it!

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The Food
Instead of splurging on 150 (I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean) courses of various meats, salads and cakes, opt for a simple solution of a wedding buffet table. You won’t let your guests be hungry but you also don’t need to prepare them for the winter time, either. A small, yet just-enough buffet, rich in meats and salads is just enough for everybody to have a snack. Have it all interestingly arranged to make it look more luxurious and expensive. Have just one or two wedding cakes, no need to splurge on 5 or 6. After all, your guests came to celebrate your marriage not the fact they’ll be full till the next wedding they go to.

Usually, wedding decorations are the biggest expense in the whole wedding. The flowers, tables, chairs, napkins, arrangements, etc. will break your piggy bank if you don’t plan things right.

Instead of ordering flowers from a flower shop, make your flower arrangements yourself, with the help of your bridesmaids. Make it a fun DIY project you’ll enjoy. Use old jars for vases. It will give the whole thing a personal stamp. Place little candles on tables – they are cheap yet will contribute to the romantic feel. Hire wedding photographers Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Weddingthat won’t rip you off – opt for those new in the businesses – they are usually amazing yet have their prices low because they are still trying to make a name for them. Minimize table decorations as much as possible.

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Invite only your closest friends and family. Explain later it was an intimate, small wedding and they’ll understand.

Wedding planner
My personal suggestion is to hire a wedding planner. You even have professionals specialized in weddings on a budget – they always know what to do and what trickery to employ to make your day perfect with the least money possible.

Weddings are one of the happiest occasions in our lives and we all deserve to enjoy them properly!

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