Must-Have Items for Your First Kitchen

Kitchen WareStarting a home on your own is tricky business: apart from the fact that you yourself will be in charge of everything, there is also the eternal dilemma about what household items truly are essential and which ones you can go without. Do not stress it: we have a straightforward guide right here to help you pick out must-have supplies for your first kitchen and avoid over-cluttering your cooking area with expensive yet seldom needed items.

Essential cookwareEssential cookware
For fine-tasting meals prepared with tender, love and care, grab a stock pot, a classic fry pan and a sauce pan. Avoid Teflon cookware as the non-stick finish may melt or get scratched and infiltrate your food. As for sizing, go with a 10-inch frying pan to keep all your bases covered, while a 3-quart sauce pan should be enough to meet all your cooking needs.

A flexible serving set
To serve your culinary masterpieces, you will need quality plateware. For starter dish set, opt for four standard-sized plates, a few small bowls and a standard salad plate. Also, you should stock your cupboard with glassware including a wine glass set, a few mugs and three or four cups.

Must-have cutleryMust-have cutlery
Eating utensils are another must for a well-stocked kitchen. The minimal list of cutlery you will need includes a set of forks, spoons and steak knives, and you can also add a couple of butter knives to be on the safe side. Depending on the number of people living in your household, you may want to have a few extra utensils for visiting relatives and friends, but do not go overboard with a full-scale 24-piece set unless you truly plan on using each piece.

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Minimal stock of measuring bowls
If you intend to make your own cakes and cookies, you will need at least a couple of measuring cups and spoons. These are usually cheap and made of plastic, but you should try and find the ones with raised instead of printed increments as the latter will fade over time through regular use.

Toaster is your best buddy
Every kitchen should have one of these. If you intend to use it for bagels, look for a toaster with a thicker slot, and pick a pop-up instead of a toaster oven to cut the toasting time in the morning.

Pick a quality blender/chopperquality blender or chopper
When the chopping chores get tough, the tough get up and whip out electric choppers. Depending on your needs and budget, you can get a powerful cruncher or settle for a hand-operated gizmo. If you want to make smoothies and shakes at home, a powerful blender may prove a good investment – and you will also be able to use for chopping up soft foods such as fruit and veggies into lumps or fine puree.

Baking sheets
Do not forget to stock up your kitchen with baking sheets in case you want to use the oven any time soon. When selecting baking sheets, you should look for lightweight aluminum steel versions such as those available from Kupatana which are extremely rust-proof and heat up fast. As with the pans, avoid Teflon-coated pieces to prevent polytetrafluoroethylene-spiced flavors.

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Get the dough rolling with a pin
Rolling pins come in a range of materials, from the cheap plastic ones and classic wooden pieces to fancy marble versions. A standard wooden pin should be enough for all your dough rolling tasks, and you can also use it in self-defense in case your kitchen gets raided by unexpected guests.Rolling pins

A timer that makes a difference
If your microwave or stove is not equipped with a built-in timer, you should definitely consider getting a standalone timing device. These convenient gadgets can be extremely useful on busy cooking days, and most of them are armed with an alarm so you will not forget to take out the cookies from the oven before they get burnt.

Mix it up like a pro
For beginner chefs, a small handheld mixer would do the trick for most kitchen-bound escapades. If you want to mix up ingredients for your baking sessions like a true pro, however, you should definitely opt for a standalone version which, though somewhat more expensive, can live up to any mixing task you throw its way.

All set? Roll up your sleeves and start baking then: the food you make all by yourself is bound to have a special secret flavor – the sense of pride that comes from a successful independent culinary endeavor.

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